Introduction from Scotland, North East Grampian

Hello @Valanddek and welcome to the Forum! I can understand your angst around finding a sitter but don’t give up hope. This community is rich with resources and support.

You mentioned sending folks to your profile so here’s a shortcut on making that happen here in the Forum: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile.

Your listing looks good - you have provided nice detail about the area, access to good food (who doesn’t love fresh eggs? Save vegans :wink:), castles and history… even a “She Shed” - heck, Beam Me Up Scotty and I’ll do it! (I wish I could.)

As to how best enhance, I might suggest changing your headline to include something about your garden as it sounds like quite a highlight for you and previous sitters. And while you are close to transit, might a car be included? I’m sure you’ve noticed from previous posts that this is becoming more of an issue now with regards to attracting folks outside the area. We seem to desire the serenity of village life yet require access to all conveniences. And from what I can tell, you’ve got it!

Please let us know if you need assistance with any of these changes. We want to see everyone succeed by making the best connections possible.
Karen S and the Forum Team