Introduction from the Yorkshire moors

Hi, I should like to introduce myself to all on the forum. I like in North Yorkshire and have two darling Bulldogs, Heathcliffe and Dotty Haversham. I am looking forward to being involved with you and meeting everyone. :pray:


Hello @Bullylady and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

For reference you can also add your TrustedHousesitters profile on here once you are a member by following the attached link, should you wish.

Are you a homeowner looking for sitters or will you be looking to sit yourself or perhaps even both?

Do you have any photos of Heathcliffe and Dotty Haversham as we would love to see? :dog::blush:

@Bullylady hello and welcome to the forum. Wow, can I just say those Bullies of yours are photogenic! I love this one…
image. Looks like a true pose for the camera.

As @Samox24 has advised, adding your profile with give members exposure to your profile and get the chance to “meet the kids”.

Looking forward to seeing more posts here!


Welcome @Bullylady. I grew up in York. We had a static caravan just outside Whitby so spent many happy hours driving over the moors in the back of my parents car. Stops at Goathland were regular. Btw Does the railway still run in the summer?
Sure you’ll find lots of great sitters on here.

Welcome @Bullylady , I also grew up in York and remember many picnics on the Moors that the sheep seemed keen to join! What a beautiful photo of one of your gorgeous bulldogs.

Thank you Debbie. I’m finding this very complicated. Is it me? :pray:

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@Bullylady Is it the profile link you are having difficulty adding on here? I have tagged @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to have a look at this for you

Hi @Bullylady I see you, Heathcliffe and Dotty Haversham have received some wonderful welcome’s to the forum from our members, I would like to add mine thank you for joining us from Yorkshire …

I have added your listing link it is now included in your forum profile, thank you @Samox24 … if you are having problems with any part of the membership or navigating the forum please just ask, you can either post your questions on the open page or Direct Message one of the Admin Team at any time.

You can search the forum for information on many subjects by using the spyglass and key words. There are many great articles on the website blog and the central Help Section answers most common questions.

Enjoy connecting with our members and welcome again.