Inviting a sitter vs waiting for applications

As a Homeowner and new to THS, I have been working on my listing while I wait to hear if our Nov 2021 trip is a go or not. I enjoy reading the forums so I can provide as much info to the potential sitter. I also like reading the sitters profiles under “Find a pet sitter”. Which leads me to my question. I see that when you read a pet sitters profile that you can directly “invite” the sitter once my listing is active. Then I read the about the number of applications an owner can get and one of biggest pet peeve amongst the sitters is lack of responses back to their applications. So it made me wonder is there a way to reach out and “invite” someone without having others apply to your now active listing? At least until you know whether your invite has been accepted or not? Is it better to forget looking at sitters in advance and just deal with the applications that come? It seems a waste to have an owner reach out to a pet sitter while at the same time making the listing active to other applicants. Especially if the pet sitter you first reach out to, accepts the sit. Its seems a waste of time for other sitters to apply when I may already have a willing pet sitter. Am I understanding how this works correctly?

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