iPhone App not displaying the "Your Sits" Tab

I initially raised this problem with Support back in May 2022 when I had an iPhone XR and have had no response from them.

I now have an iPhone 15 and am still experiencing the same problem.

All the other Tabs works except for the Your Sits Tab, which means I cannot access any of my upcoming sits from my phone and instead have to log on from a computer.

Do any other iPhone users have this problem?

No. I still have an XR, and it shows my current sit. And when I swipe left, a link to my past sits come up.

What happens when you swipe left?

But that “broken heart” does not look good…

Swiping both right or left achieves nothing…just the broken heart :frowning_face:

I ended up deleting the app and reloading it again. It now works :grinning: