Is 7 days too last minute for a last minute sit?

Personally, I think the time frame of within 7 days is too last minute for someone looking for a pet sitter. I can’t imagine how stressful it must be for a home owner not to be able to declare their sit ‘last minute’ until a week before they are due to go away.

Would it be possible to extend the time to say, 21 days?


I agree with you Colin


Hi @Colin @Smiley, we do understand your reasoning and thank you for the feedback.

The “Last Minute Sit” category was introduced to help with those listing which because of the short time frame can be challenging to fill and in spite of the short lead in time we do have many success and with the member’s permission we do share the listing to our Social Channels if we reduced this to less than seven days or as you suggest 21 days. then the forum would be in danger of losing it’s purpose and become an extension of the website, we would be inundated with requests and owners might see the forum as another listings channel.

The website/App is and always will be the very best place to find a sitter and to find a sit, that is where all of our members are looking and where all of the inventory sits.

Thank you again.


Then it wouldn´t be last minute

I would say that 21 days is VERY last minute when you have a holiday booked and still no pet care in place - it is all relative

Definitely stressful but there are situations I could certainly see doing it and needing it.