Is it hard as an Homeowner to say no to an application?

On 2 house swaps web sites i’m a member of, when somebody is too lazy to answer some member who suggests a swap, one can click on a sentence already imagined by the organization
THS could do that for lazy owners.

THS has its own message for the sitters (“ you have not been selected this time ”) once a confirmation has been sent by an owner to another sitter.

So it must be rather easy to imagine something like : “ We made our choice which was rather difficult due to so many nice applications. In spite of your qualities we do inform you we have selected another sitter . Thanks for your application
It would much better than silence. Even If sitters will understand soon it’s a THS message ( because already received in the past). And not a new private one written by the owner.

It would mean at least the owner has taken time to presse the button… if (s)he is too lazy to write a group message to be sent to all applicants not selected. Or of course a private message sent to each applicant

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Why encourage people to be lazy? It wouldn’t make me feel any better to get a polite, pre-written reply THS reply than no reply. I’d still know they were too lazy/rude to write a simple sentence

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It was an idea. Then you dislike the group message too ? Which can be used several times by an owner year after year. You can’t know always If it is a personal or a group answer
On my side i prefer a charming message, even copied than silence. We are not obliged to feel the same…

@Provence @JackieX a lack of response is frustrating agreed, I’m a full time sitter and have also been on the owner side, helping to make the communication system easier for everyone is not meant to encourage bad behavoir but aims to help solve a problem.

Not all members are proficient on a key board, imagine having to answer 20 applications if you are only used to receiving a couple of emails a week from your family and use one finger and otherwise don’t communicate via the computer which is not necessarily age related.

This is not making excuses but simply suggesting we can all join together to help find a solution which works for everyone.


@JackieX @Angela-CommunityManager
I agree with @JackieX
I know that this problem has appeared on other threads and it is difficult to find a solution.

However, I don’t understand Angela’s comment about some members not being proficient on the keyboard. A member has been able to put together a full listing and attaching photos. I would therefore expect that member to be able to carry out the easier task of responding to applicants. I have seen listings where a member of the family has said they are listing it on behalf of their mother, so I would imagine that the same member of the family would then go on to assist with the applications.

Also, some of these listings that don’t respond have only a few applicants (e.g. 4-7) before they close it down. So it is hardly an onerous task.

You say you are not making excuses but this is erring on the HO’s side, which THS tend to do.

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Hi @Reubendog thank you and I understand your point completely not receiving responses is frustrating, I know it happens to me as well.

We are working hard to find a solution and if my comment appeared to seemingly favour one side of the network I apologise, it wasn’t meant to, all members are equally important it’s what makes TrustedHousesitters work as a product and a community, we should try not to use generalisations though.

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You may have noticed i’m curious, i read all messages on this forum (i’m amazed by the différences between owners and sitters) and watch many ads everyday although i can’t travel (Covid restrictions). Just to check if some critics are valid (on both sides)

I even read many profiles of sitters i will never choose. We are all so different…

Many owners put ads months or weeks ahead. Some have 30+ replies after 3 days or a week, and 50 + a few days before the date of the sit.

It must be a hard work to answer 50 people but why they don’t choose, or stop the ad.
It’s very strange

Once i wrote to an owner explaining him how he could make a pause, i wrote as If i was applying. He did not follow my advice never answered me either .

I may be very tough but i do believe these types of owners are not humanly interesting.

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Thank you @StefanK I’m going to move your comment to Feedback & Ideas.

Regarding the reference to keyboard proficiency, it was intended as a thought provoker against generalization, there are always exceptions.