Is it ok if owner is home recovering from medical procedure

Some of the times I will need a sitters care for my cats I will also be home recovering from a medical procedure. If I needed care for myself (meal prep, cleaning, laundry, errands), I will have a separate person hired for that. There is at least one guest room and an adjacent full bath that would be exclusively for the sitter (and any cats who might wander in). I’m fully vaccinated + booster & I don’t smoke; and would expect the same. I assume I’m not the first or only in this situation, but would like to know it is acceptable to at least some sitters!


It’s against the terms of use for someone else to be in the home while the sitter is there, including the HO. Most sitters I know would not be comfortable with this, even if it was allowed by the site.

I think hiring a local person might be a better option. It doesn’t seem like a fair exchange. Since sitters generally like their independency, there would be little benefit for them to come over to stay with someone they don’t know.

HI @soulfulpsy thank you for joining our community forum.

There are many sitters who would be happy to care for your cats when you need to travel away from home, for whatever reason but as @CreatureCuddler has explained we have a strict “No Third Party” condition on the site, meaning the only occupants in the home, for the duration of the sit (when the owner is absent) are the sitters.

I hope all goes well with your surgery and we look forward to being of help when you are fit and well and need care for your cats once you are able to travel again.

Angela and the Team