Is it possible this forum has no search capability?

I can’t find a way to submit a search into this forum. Is it possible this forum has no search capability? If so, such reduces its value exponentially. I have never run across a forum without search.
I’ll contribute to TH the following, and hope in exchange someone will answer for us the following question which I can’t get a response to:
“How can we remove from search results: a) sit ads we’ve already replied to, b) sit ads we’re not interested in, c) other. ALSO, are search results assuredly presented by date? I’m seeing very old ads pop up at top. In total, it is vastly too time consuming to re-evaluate each sit ad to determine if we’ve already reviewed, applied, rejected, etc. I am near to giving up on looking at posted ads because of this.”
My contribution: port your existing forum content to a fully capable forum platform, chosen through research led by sites such as,, etc.

Hi @MovingToMontanaSoon welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. The forum does have a search function using the spy glass which I’m sure you have discovered.

The Discourse search functionality may not be as advanced as some other platforms you are familiar with and we do consistently look at overall forum functionality and UX as the forum membership expands to give members the best possible access and user experience.

Thank you for the platform suggestions

Regarding search functionality questions and feedback the product team monitor all members posts and appreciate all members input and suggestions.

(I have also Direct Messaged you)