Is it possible to gift a membership to someone?

I searched and didn’t find anything relevant. Is it possible to gift someone a membership? We have a friend that is very interested, but not quite ready to commit. We’d love to give her a membership for Christmas, especially if we can apply our 30% discount/ 3 months extension for our own. Thanks!


Hello @Harris2 and this is a lovely idea! I don’t ever recall seeing a way to do this (as a member) but let me reach out to the team for clarification. I’ll come back to you

I’ve wanted to give a gift membership too!

Hi @Harris2 @luckycat would you consider a Gift Voucher if available through the online store?

I think that would work, as long as the recipient can still use our discount code and we get the 3 months extension to our membership. Thanks for checking it out!

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Hi again @Harris2 as an option would a gift voucher not connected to your account be appealing, a full face value gift voucher or special offer voucher, without the additional member benefit … the free months?

Hi Angela. No, full face value w/o the additional months for us wouldn’t be of interest. If there is a really great Black Friday offer or something, we would consider it though.

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Thank you for the feedback @Harris2