Is it relevant to ask for new members

Am I alone to think THS asks us too often at the bottom of the site to refer friends (and get a bonus) ?

With the Covid, I guess suggesting friends to take a membership is not a good idea : they might not use it for months

Everyday there is this demand on the screen, I do think it’s a little “pushy”

I guess many members have not renewed their membership, they might wait for better days. Please THS, be patient.

Personally I would not dare ask a friend who does not know yet THS, who does not need to find a sitter as nobody can travel, to become a member, even if s/he will pay 25% less

Hi @Provence

We are testing referral strategies and have Owner and Sitter members joining via Referral every day.

There is a cross in the top right corner to close it, if you do this then you shouldn’t see it for a month. Apologies if it’s not very visible. Please let me know if you see it again.

Thanks, Ben

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I only see a cross which shuts the cookies

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Hi @Provence I followed up with @Ben-Product here is his response:

“It’s the cross on the previous screen - very small on the top right”


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I see the marketing strategy but it often makes me laugh (or frown, depending on my mood) because it is completely out of the question that I would know anyone who wants to join!

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Hi @Saltrams never say never …

Often simply having a conversation about something which you are passionate about and that has inspired you can motivate the other person into wanting to know more and even join … I know it’s happened to me, many times and you speak so compellingly about TrustedHousesitters even after just a short time of being part of our community.

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We’ve made good use of the referral system, invited a few friends that have pets and need sitters and also people that want to try it out as a way of travelling and looking after pets. We’ve also used our link on social media and now we have loads of free months :slight_smile: plus helping to spread the word of housesitting :slight_smile: