Is this just a US thing?

Car across the parking lot:

Is this just a US thing?

I think so. That’s some serious dedication to their stickers! :slight_smile:

That’s mild compared to some I’ve seen in my area :laughing:

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I am in Australia and I have seen similar.
Usually on 4wd vehicles but people collect stickers on their travels and stick them at the back.

I do it on suitcases & trunks but not cars. Never seen one in UK or W Europe.

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@Karen-Moderator LOL, I think it’s kind of like getting a tattoo…once you get one it becomes addictive (at least that is what I hear). I personally could not ever put one on a car. I have a hard time putting the sticker on my front windshield that allows us to park in our gated community without needing to get a hanging tag for the rear view mirror…

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@Karen-Moderator I live in Canada but my vehicle always has a sticker for Wales :wales:, where I was born and lived until I immigrated to Canada. Unfortunately, our extremes of Canadian weather - mainly the hot summers, I think - fades out the sticker quite quickly. Mine is now a light blue colour, which is embarrassing. Time for it to be removed, I think. :worried:

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Might be - this is my US-based car! I mean, what other souvenirs can you buy when you travel full time? I love seeing people behind me looking at them.


@sbwade Ha ha, I thought of you as soon as I saw this thread!

AND…it’s from my hometown…Chattanooga, TN, USA. I saw the state and county so knew where it was! Knowing my ex…it’s probably his car! LOL

Oh, you’re from Chattanooga! Awesome! Where in Chatt? I grew up in East Brainerd and have a house in Red Bank.

(It’s my car, btw - I’m the one who put all the stickers on it. When I had to sell my last car, I most regret losing an awesome sticker collection! )

I grew up in East Ridge (years and years ago…lol), but also lived in E Brainerd before I moved away…right off Shallowford Road. I see you have Colorado stickers as well. I lived in CO for 20+ years before moving to NC

My permanent address is in East Ridge? - off Belvoir with a friend. Where did you live in CO? My sits have mainly been in the Boulder/Nederland/Denver area. Headed back to Ned in a few months!

Once upon a time


@sbwade we lived in Aurora, Littleton, Parker and lastly Winter Park before moving to NC. Love the area but hate, hate, hate the snow we dealt with on a regular basis. We get four seasons here with very, very little snow…can drive 1 1/2 hours into the mountains if we really start to miss it!

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I do love NC - I had a sit in Asheville and drove the whole Blue Ridge Parkway after, it was amazing! Like a world away.

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We will be driving through there next weekend on our way to Knoxville, TN so hoping the leaves are still beautiful

It’s definitely a thing here in the US, though the car in the photo is a rather extreme case. My '94 Civic has about six stickers on the rear window. Now that you’ve brought to our attention, I realize that I haven’t seen the equivalent during my travels in Europe :slight_smile: Reflects our American sense of independence and freedom of expression I suppose. We also tend to have similar displays of magnets on our refrigerators :laughing:

Yes, @pdxgal, multitudes of magnets on refrigerators! Easy souvenirs and reminders of our travels. Or letters to help kids learn to spell.

Forum friends, is magnets on the refrigerator a thing in countries other than the US?

I recently left a sit with lots of travel magnets on the refrigerator doors but don’t have a picture of it.

Do you have a picture of a magnet-covered refrigerator to share?

I haven’t collected magnets for quite some time @Karen-Moderator but these are on my spare fridge in the garage. As I’m an Aussie it’s not just a US thing!