Is walking dogs twice a week (without staying at home) real pet sitting? Or unpaid work?

I noticed this listing to day, is it considered by THS as a pet sitting ? Or a work which would be done by somebody living in town ?

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That looks a bit like unpaid work to me. I guess you would need to contact the HO to understand if that’s what they are looking for.

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Hi @Provence could you forward the link to that listing please? Membership Services will need to contact the owner to clarify.

Thank you


I found the link looking on my computer yesterday historic, I send you it via a private mesage

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Definitely unpaid work. I don’t know how this would be beneficial to housesitter at all

Hi Provence.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Angela let me know about this listing and I reached out to the owners.

It seems that this was old information on their listing from a long time ago and we have previously contacted them to advise that this was not allowed on the site as we do not provide daycare, dog walking or drop-in visits.

The owner has now amended the listing as they are looking for a sitter while they are away.

Thanks again for being vigilant on the site.