ISO: Moth infestation help/guidance

Hello all, I just checked into a two-week housesit and am finding bugs everywhere specifically moths. when I checked in I noticed their doors and windows open and asked if they had a bug problem, they said no but during my first night (yesterday) I went to get an extra blanket and multiple moths flew out of it. This morning when I went to get my towel that was hanging a moth flew out of that.

I almost exclusively wear vintage clothing from the 1940s-1960s and spent decades cultivating my historic and valuable wardrobe

Full time sitter I have my entire vintage clothing collection with me and the only storage option I have is shared space in their closet. I’m pretty upset and here for two weeks.

Any ideas on what I can do to store my clothing here but prevent the moths from ruining my clothes and/or me spreading the infestation to another housesit?

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Can you go to a dollar store or some other similar cheap place and buy some short term zippered clothing bags? Hang them in the closet and keep your clothes zipped inside.

Another option might be to rig up something similar using plastic garbage bags but you might have to check them more frequently.

Another option would be to do the above but hang them in another area of the house, or even in a garage or store shed. Some place where there are no moths.

Does the home owner happen to have any empty plastic storage bins around where you could carefully fold and store your clothes while you’re there?

Can you buy some mothballs or cedar balls to keep in the closet or cupboard you deem to be the safest?

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