It's The Final Day: 10 Years Of Trusted - Day 5 Question 5

The 10 Years Of Trusted … Christmas Competition Day 5 Question 5

Today is the last day of our fun competition, we hoped you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Thank you for your creative entries and for putting smiles on our faces …
The winner will be announced in January

  • Answers can be found HERE
  • First answer is final - no edits (even for typos)
  • Answers must include a dog’s weirdest sleeping position photo - your dog or a dog you’ve sat
  • Question open until GMT December 22st

There will be a question each day for 5 days … 18th December - 22nd December!
To qualify for the chance to win the prize, each daily question must be answered
A free annual membership and 50.00 (currency applicable) donated to a charity of your choice, could be yours … you have to be in it to win it

Good Luck everyone

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Kaiser and Sasha are from Indiana, USA
Usually, greet sitters by jumping into their laps!

This is Oliver, one of my old Spaniels. “dropping off”


a) Kaiser and Sasha are a paw-dorable duo from Indiana, USA
b) Kaiser and Sasha greet their sitters upon arrival usually by jumping straight into their laps, sometimes before they are even out of the car
c) Believe it or not - this is Duchess a (giant) Great Dane! Not sure how she managed to tuck up so small!


a Kaiser and Sasha, a duo of german shepherds call home in Indiana, USA
b The duo welcomes their sitters jumping straight into their laps, sometimes even before their pet sitters come out of a car

c My own dog Jim, a drathaar (I had between 1994 and 2008) with my husband, younger than today
Jim qui dort et VV


They are from Indiana, USA and usually jump straight onto visitors’ laps, often before they’re even out of the car.
You’ve heard of the yoga pose “downward dog”? Well here’s where it got its name from.


Kaiser and Sasha are from Indiana, in the USA.
They greet sitters by jumping into their laps, often before they can get out of their cars.
This is a a photo from my Thanksgiving housesit. If you look closely at the blanket, you can see Sassy’s nose poking out. She is tiny and loves to hide under covers. We had to be careful not to sit on her.image

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Kaiser and Sasha are German shepherds from Indiana, USA
They greet sitters by jumping on their laps often before they had time to come out of the car.

This is Fiona, our border collie.


a) Indiana
b) Jumping straight into their laps, sometimes even before they have got out the car!
c) This Roka, using my lap as a comfy bed!


Kaiser and Sasha are from Indiana in the USA
And their usual super friendly greeting to their sitters is by jumping into their laps even before they have got out of their car! :grin:
This is Rupert (Roops) he literally waits for you to get his favourite red cushion so that he can stretch himself way over his bed and then likes his comfort cushion for his head​:grinning::dog::heart_eyes:


Thank you Angela and Trustedteam😊. Good luck everyone!


It was very enjoyable to see everyone’s photos and get to know folks a little. Thanks for sponsoring and participating. Happy Hollidays!


Why were we so few to play?

I loved the photos sent by members because i did not understand much why we only had to copy the results to answer the 2 questions asked daily…

Anyway, thanks to the team to decide who is the winner Hard job obviously…

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Hi @Provence thank you, it was fun.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone with so much time taken up on line many are choosing to “step away” and reduce the time they spend on devices …

We made the question perhaps a little too “easy” don’t worry we have the measure of our community’s “smarts” the next one will be far more challenging :disappointed_relieved:

The images are going to be the deciding factor … The judges will have a very hard time