It's Throwback Thursday - Your Most Memorable THS Experience Was?

“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun”

Sitter and Owners share the story of your most memorable TrustedHousesitters experience …
we need photos too

For me, it was definitely Yokohama. I hadn’t intended to travel so far, concentrate on SE Asia, but when I saw the sit I just had to apply.

I was in Chaing Mai at the time, so it wasn’t the easiest transfer on a budget – I had to fly to Bangkok then overnight to Tokyo. The Homeowner gave me excellent directions from the airport, and after a coach journey into Yokohama, then a train to the stop nearest their home, I met her at the station about 5 minutes earlier than planned – after travelling for almost 24 hours.

The house was a large, 6-bedroom, modern detached villa sitting on the top of the hill above the bay – an amazing location. 2 dogs and 2 cats. The family were German, and had lived in various locations around the world, collecting/rescuing pets – one of the dogs was rescued from Bahrain, one from India,

I was there for 5 weeks, during July/August, so there were a lot of events – festivals, fireworks, fashion shows, outdoor opera… so much to do, I didn’t need to go any further than local, although I did travel into Tokyo.



Amazing story @Petermac what a great experience … pets, people, places and a very long journey, but completely worth it!

Thank you so much for sharing

I don’t have photos but a memory to share.

I was sitting a few hrs south of Nejmegen & mix my avid interest in history/urban planning with running. (One day i’d love to run or walk the Nejmegen march as we didn’t get the chance when my family was stationed on a CDN forces base in Europe many yrs ago)

I ventured out for a long run and ended up on a dirt road along a canal by some farms & noticed a small plaque. It was a memorial to an RAF crew who’d crashed & made sure I ventured back another day with flowers. I ran out of time to head to Nejmegen but made sure to visit the CWGC (commonwealth graves commission) Bergen-Op Zoom site and paid my respects.

Anyways, I sat for a great couple, their chooks & kitty kept me entertained!