Jan & Feb Meetup Request: Seattle Sitters - Let's be friends!

Hi all!

I’m dog sitting in Seattle from now until early February. I only know a few people in the city, and if anyone else is sitting in the area I’d love to meet up!




Hi, Sally - I’m house-sitting in Seattle for December – not through THS, but for a friend – and I’d be glad to meet up. I’ll message you.


Seattle. How wonderful! I’ll get there one day. Looks like you have at least one person to meet up with so, have fun! Always good to exchange experiences :wink:


Hi @SallyS. Welcome to our wonderful community. I’m so glad you found us and THS and have embarked (pun intended :wink:) on your life as a pet sitter. The Seattle area is fabulous. Well done for getting a long sit there. And for coming here to see if anyone else is in the area and interested in meeting up. Meetups, whether with two or many people, can add such depth to traveling life!

Where in the Seattle area are you? Where will you be off to after February?

Thanks for the note, Karen! I’m excited to be here, and the dogs I’m watching right now are adorable and wonderful. I’m in Maple Leaf, slightly north of the city. It’s a great neighborhood! In February I’m back to Denver (my home base) for 2 months, and then off to Sun River Oregon on another sit :slight_smile: I’m excited!

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I’m sitting in Australia until the middle of January, then have a string of 3 US sits - Boston to Portland, OR and will end up in Seattle from 17-26 Feb if you will still be around. I’ve enjoyed the meetups I’ve had - London x 2, Vancouver Island, and last weekend in SF.
Let me know if you’ll still be around in mid-Feb.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the note! Unfortunately I’ll be back to my home base of Denver by late February. It sounds like you have some fun US locations planned! I’ll be near Bend, Oregon later this year on a sit. Excited to see more of the state!