Jozsefs introduction

Hello, I am Jozsef from Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom.
I have several house and pets sit experiences. I have been looking after friends pats and house hold during the pandemic time. My weakness is that I attached to pats very quickly and I feel so sad to leave them and missed them so much. I am really hoping that we are able to travel abroad freely soon and I will able to do Housesitting abroad not just in the UK.


Hi Jozsef

Welcome to TH. We live very near to you, when we are in the UK.

It’s very sweet that you get attached to the pets you care for :blush:. I am sure they return that love.

We wish you all the best and have a Happy Christmas.

Warm regards

John and Caroline


Hi, @jozseffitz! I understand what you mean — I fall in love with each animal I sit for, too and find it very hard to say goodbye. I always have a lump in my throat close the door for the last time. Enjoy your coming sits!


Hi @jozseffitz a very warm welcome to our community forum thank you for sharing your feelings, you are in such good and empathetic company.

Becoming attached and missing the pets we care for is a pet sitter’s “occupational hazard” but the joy returns with the very next sit as we know we are keeping beloved pets happy at home so that owners can leave with absolute peace of mind., often asked back only to discover the pets don’t forget us. I’ve had many squeals of excitement and wet kisses, even after a year or more.

We are waiting for the time when we can get back to our pet and house sitting lifestyles although if the past 18 months have done one thing they’ve allowed pet loving sitters to discover great experiences close to home and in their own backyards, after all pet love is the same 50 or 500 miles away, the location is often the icing on the cake and there are some amazing ones to explore.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team