Kuala Lumpur Meet Up w/c 14th Aug

Wondered if there were any sitters who fancied a meet up in Kuala Lumpur?

We are currently on a lovely pet sit here and would love to get to know more of the community. We are here until end of August. Would be nice to meet up in the centre open to suggestions.

we are a couple in our thirties, we base ourselves here throughout the year so regularly around even if our dates don’t match now. We move around south east Asia as full time housesitters on THS :smile:


Hi @Enjaybee what a great place for a meet up! Fingers crossed there will be some other members in the area to meet up with you before the end of August :blush:

YES! We will be there, hoorah! (Our dates hardly ever match up with a meet-up, hence my excitement). We will be in KL from 12 Aug - 4 Sep.


Hi @botvot that’s brilliant to hear your dates finally align for a meet up and remember to take some pics to post on here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent happy to :partying_face: We leave on 22nd August so let’s do that week between 12th and 21st.

I’ll leave the post here and keep it flexible until closer to the time incase anyone else can join☺️

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I was just researching Kuala Lumpur last night. Have you enjoyed it there? Is it safe from travel perspective? We are headed to start our asia trip next month (not housesitting) and was thinking about Kuala Lumpur. Tell me your experience of the city and people. so exciting

It’s very safe, vibrant and multicultural - perfect to travel with kids as Malaysian culture is super family orientated and they love to travel a lot domestically so you will bump into tonnes of families.

Malaysia generally goes under the radar on most people’s traditional travelling SE Asia route but I’m not sure why it really does have everything here.

English is a primary language so there’s no barrier for conversation and people are very friendly. The food is really excellent so much variety and choice - very spicy :hot_pepper:

Lots of other beautiful places to go here like Langkawi, Perhentian, Malacca, Penang, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara (if you have a google you can see the variety of scenery) Very easy to get around, bus planes, trains

It’s less chaotic compared to say Thailand or Bali but not quite as slick and clean as Singapore. less obvious tourists apart from bits of KL so you don’t get the hassle culture like in other nearby countries.

We have never really experienced a problem with safety anywhere in SE Asia apart from typical stuff like pickpockets or minor scams.


@Enjaybee thank you for the info. We just confirmed a sit in Singapore for Christmas last night so we have decided to visit KL the week before that so that it’s close. I’m looking forward to visiting.


Just bringing this thread back to life, in case any sitters are in KL between 12-21 August and would like to meet up.


We’ve done sits in both Singapore (twice) and KL and can highly recommend both- for tourism & sitting!! We’ve also passed through KL multiple times for short stopovers and its such a great city! It is much more affordable than Singapore, especially for accomodation. The people are super friendly & food is great. Our favourite area is Little India! Singapore also has a Little India. In both places this is where you can eat out cheaply, also the chinese food halls in both places.
When in KL a visit up the KL Tower is a must! Spectacular views over the whole city. You can also go up the Twin Towers- very impressive. KL is great for just walking around and absorbing the atmosphere. Public transport is cheap and very easy to navigate. We especially love the Sky Train which travels above the street level so you get fab views. KL is great for shopping & is full of great malls & cinemas.
When not housesitting we rented holiday apartments- millions on airbnb and great value for money. Many places have roof top pools with fab views.
Now… I want to go back to KL again!!!


Last call! 4 of us are meeting up in KL tomorrow evening for dinner - if any other sitters are around, please join us.