Last chance to buy: 1-2-3 month sit sought London/South England

I am about to give up hope of finding sits at all so this is a last-ditch attempt before I move myself to the *desert! I am here in UK until the end of November. Three months. I would prefer sits of at least a month to fill that time, but have been applying for two-weekers, as it seems longer than 2 weeks is rare. I have gotten mostly no replies, the occasional polite and well-received “sorry we found someone”, and one offer who then had to change their dates. I suspect I am losing out to those sitters who come with a history of THsite-listed previous references. Despite having 20 years of experience with animal rescues, hand-rearing and refurbishing many an abandoned animal, and running a large copius household for many years, my lack of THsite-sitting refs is letting me down. So my last appeal to the HO community out there… lend me your anything-with-two-ears-animals! *wait … no animals in the desert. I will have to move to an animal shelter instead.


Is there any reason you are not considering anywhere other than London / south of England? Just asking, just curious.

Hi. When I clicked on your forum profile the first thing I read was that you are based in Kenya. It took quite some reading before I came to the part where you’re currently in the UK. I would suggest you switch things around by starting with the point that you’re looking for UK sits etc. The other information, although interesting, would be better if it came as supporting your primary reason for being on the site. I can’t see your Sitter profile, but I would suggest you work on getting multiple references, if you haven’t already done so. I hope things work out for you.


Hi, If the lack of Trusted Housesitters reviews is working against you, maybe you could try applying for shorter sits of less than a week, especially any that are flagged as “Last minute”. You may be more likely to find Homeowners willing to give you a chance, and once you have a few reviews under your belt, you may find it easier to secure longer sits. Also make sure you personalise your application to the Homeowner and their pets and mention the pets by name.


Hi @GingerWilson and sorry to hear that you are struggling to get your first sit in the UK.

I’ve taken a peek at your profile and have a similar observation to @Snowbird. Your THS sitter profile reads as if you are currently in Kenya (despite your location being London). You’ll make a big difference by changing this so owners are immediately aware you are based in the UK. Many owners are nervous of booking sitters from overseas.

As an owner, they are looking at how you can solve their pet care issues with ease, so as sitters we try to think about how we can help the owner first, with our needs secondary in the profile.

You have wonderful pet care and foster skills that would be great to read in your title or first paragraphs. They are seen first so make the most of the first paragraphs of sections. You could try a different title and info to fully reflect all those amazing pet care experiences you have.

Photo - you have a beautiful photo of you holding a cat (no 3). Try moving it to position one. That picture speaks volumes and will to an owner.

We also work from home but we see that as a benefit for some owners who have pets used to them being around the home more of the time. We say “We work from home which means we have as much time as needed to keep your pets company”. The detail we discuss on a video chat.

Finally, 2 week sits are popular and shorter, or last minute sits, get less applicants. They are the perfect way to build up sitter reviews. Try applying for more shorter sits.

Please don’t give up, we all started in the same place, and we’ve all tweaked and perfected our profiles as we’ve learned through our experiences. @Andrew was in a similar position to you, and with the help of forum members he ended up with 2 sits!

Hope this helps you a little, and please do let us know how you get on.


@GingerWilson have you considered looking outside of this sitter site? There are others though I would have to say I think THS has the most sits. I am also with Workaway and you can join that at a reasonable price. When you do a search you can use key words for anything to do with animals and it will bring up farms, house-sits, animal rescue, animal shelters etc. You will be fed and housed for between 4-5 hours unpaid work over 5 days. Are you specifically wanting to be with animals? If not there are lots more possibilities that combine some sort of unpaid work in exchange for accomodation etc eg National Trust, Landmark Trust, Trust for Conservation Volunteers, CJS and Environmental Jobs Network to name a few. Also have a look at Diggers and Dreamers www and Off Grid www and others; there are lots of possibilities if you are flexible. I hope that helps.


anywhere an hour’s drive from London is ok. I have some family in London and the southeast so those are preferred for that reason. The odd visit or lunch here or there.


Good catch thank you! I have changed it now.

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thank you very much … interesting. and yes I do want to be with animals!

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thanks Vanessa. have changed profile and moved photo up.


@GingerWilson Hello Nobody Wants Me.
I don’t know where you are in the world, but there are some locations that are still opening, closing, and governments changing their minds faster than a cheetah after it’s prey.
Because of this places like Canada, where I live, makes it difficult to plan anything at all. We’re just not travelling, not even to our next provinces.
I know that this doesn’t help you at all, but I think house sits are definitely in the low side right now.

Hi. I’m in Canada too (Ontario) and things are certainly shifting differently to anything I’d anticipated earlier this year. By the listings email it would seem that the UK and USA are still very active with sits. Sadly, I’m only considering ones within a 2-hour drive from home for now.

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I would review your profile and others. I have never not had a reply. Normally followed by calls and zooms.

Also references, ensuring your fully verified etc. Have a look at others profiles. Owners are looking for folk they can trust with their property, pets and gardens in some instances. So they need some level of trust and security in who they approach. Also time is limited so create the best profile possible including pictures and relevant experience etc.