Last minute cat sit in Nice, France - Immediate start - Feb 2nd

Dates: Immediate Start through 2nd February 2023
Location: Nice
Country: France
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I just got hospitalised today until 2 February - it was totally unexpected…
Would anyone be available to help out with my 2 adored kitties Nemo Nemo (scaredy cat 8 yrs who will mainly hide under the bed) and Nook Nook (crazy kitten 7 mos who is totally adorable) ?

Please get in touch if you’re available and interested - thanks so much everyone.

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I was able to find someone to help out, thanks THS! :smiley:


@Rebekah Glad that you found someone and hope that you are okay and make a speedy recovery soon. Best wishes Carla

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@Rebekah - I hope you get well soon! It looks like you already have applicants, but if you find you need care between Feb 17 and Feb 21, let me know. Nemo Nemo looks like so much fun and Nookie is adorable.

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@Rebekah this is great news and I wish you well and hope you feel much better soon :slightly_smiling_face: