Last minute sits

I am not doing any sits at the moment, but since I am in Scotland, I have been keeping an eye on Sits posted.

There are currently 48 sits available, which is the most I have seen in the last 18 months, in fact getting close to normal, which is good news.

However, there are a number of sits that are getting very close to the current date but are buried a couple of pages down the list, and I know a couple of HO have posted here on the Forum looking for ideas of how to attract sitters even if they have the “last minute” tag.

Would it be possible to add an option to view “last minute” sits with an option to view country or region? Which would show chronologically any sits, for example, in Scotland due to start in the next 7 days.
I think this would be a great idea for new sitters, or for full-time sitters to fill in a few odd days.

I know there is a filter for dates, but I don’t think it is that obvious or useful - in fact, I have tried to use it tonight and it is… well to be honest, useless.


That option is already there. Select the date interval then the location and by magic there’s the sits you are interested in.

Side note. Please go up north. There are so many people who say they have “done” Scotland and when asked they had a week in Edinburgh and a few days in Glasgow. The real Scotland is North and west of Inverness. There is no more beautiful place in the world. I’m biased, I’m Scottish born and bred but I do know it has its drawbacks - weather and midges.


I have edited my original post, @ElsieDownie, and I know the option is there, but it is not really very user friendly. Especially for new users, and I struggled to use it tonight. :wink:

It doesn’t really hightlight last minute.


Too much of that Scottish falling down juice?


I agree that there could be better sorting abilities. I’d like to sort by date of sit, soonest first (sort by start date, not sort by date posted). I would also love if the site could filter out sits that I’m not eligible for, because I have listed those dates as unavailable.


They did have that sorting facility for a while but it didn’t always work then it disappeared.

As a new sitter, I’ve been keeping a close eye on “last minute” sits. One thing that I’ve noticed is that not all of them are truly last minute. The designation seems kind of arbitrary.

Does the HO click a “last minute” box or is it designated by a THS algorithm after the HO enters their travel dates?

The THS app has a section titled “Shiny New Sits” so it seems possible to add a section or search filter for last minute sits. From a personal perspective, it would be helpful because I’m going to be looking for last minute sits after I’m physically in the UK at the end of October. Given the current travel situation, I don’t think I would be able to book anything in advance.


After reading some older threads on the forum, I also think it would be helpful to know the actual date that a listing was posted. Some listings seem to be “evergreen”, meaning that they’ve been on the website for a relatively long period of time. I would be more inclined to respond to a new listing with 4-7 applicants than one with the same number of applicants posted 4 weeks ago.


Morning @Mary-Kay - I’ve just checked with membership services and the LAST MIN label is applied automatically when there’s only a week left before the commencement of the sit.

The way to view last minute sits is to set the dates to just the current week - I’ve just tried this on my account with the dates set as, from today to next Thursday… all the last minute sits are displayed.

I love the questions that come up here… makes me think outside the box and learn more all the time :slight_smile: Thankyou!!


Thanks for the rapid response @Vanessa-Admin !

I now realize why I thought the “last minute” designation was arbitrary. I have saved searches for the UK for Oct, Nov and Dec and some of those listings are flagged as “last minute”. When I clicked on some of them, I realized that the “last minute” designation isn’t for the Oct, Nov or Dec sit but for earlier dates included in the listing – but “last minute” still appears on the profile photo for sits that are months in the future.

Here’s a photo that will do a better job illustrating what I mean. The listing is the one on the right.

Thanks again for your assistance. :slight_smile:


So the LAST MIN’s you are seeing relate to sits with multiple dates where the earliest date (outside your search filter) is in fact now last minute. That’s a good spot and new observation of how it works in this instance … thank you :slight_smile:


@Petermac this is a great idea and helps to ‘dovetail’ HOs desperate to find a sitter at short notice…last minute…booked sitter having to cancel, with flexible sitters able and interested to take on a sit at short notice…its win win all round!


That’s a great idea! As we all get the posting at different days, I would very much like to know when the sit was posted,