LDR Couple - Hello from Louisville, KY, USA

Hey ya’all! Just wanted to send a quick hello, new HO to THS and so excited for the possibilities! My name is Rebecca, I live in Louisville, KY: Home of the Derby. I’m currently lSO a long term sit for my 2 cuddlebug dogs and sassy cat. Without getting too personal, I joined the site because my foreign fiance and I were separated by Covid over 2 yrs and are now entwined in a lengthy visa process. Travel is essential to us, but visits are short because the cost of pet care for anything over 10 days has been astronomical. Enter THS. The thought of being able to spend a month together and leaving my beloved pets in the hands of a trusted animal lover is something we’ve only dreamed of. Hoping this resonates in the hearts of this forum and we can find that special sitter. Be well friends! - Rebecca


Hi @Bex502 and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum.
Your sit looks lovely and your description of Murphy and Reggie being like chameleon’s made us smile :sweat_smile:
We have ventured across a lot of the States but never as yet made it to Kentucky, hopefully we will be able to sit for you at some point :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Bex502 … for a moment I had to think LDR then the penny, or in your case the cent, dropped Long Distance Romance … how romantic and where does your foreign fiance live at the moment?

These processes can be challenging in many ways, I had to sponsor my husband into Canada which took 2 years and my Mother, years before which took 18 months and the information they require is quite extraordinary and I have another very close friend, who used to work for THS and is going through the same process right now, she describes it as her life being put on hold.

Now you have found THS and hopefully this will change a lot for you and your other two “cuddlebugs” … I’m sorry but I had to share these adorable pics …

I really hope this works out for you and where may I ask is your happy place??

Enjoy being here and connecting with our global community.

Angela and the Team


Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity tysm for your kind welcome. It provides comfort knowing others have been through this, your friend’s description is spot on “life on hold.” My fiance is from Brasilia, Brazil and while it gives us a great excuse to travel the world meeting in “go-between” countries, I’d say our happy place is hiking a mountain trail together, our dogs in tow. Until then, our next meetup will be in Costa Rica to explore the wildlife refuges and maybe try our hand at surfing:) Blessings - Rebecca


Hi @Samox24, thank you for the warm greetings! It’s true what they say about southern hospitality, you are welcome anytime:)


@Bex502 aww thank you :blush:


Many of my clients can empathize with the frustration of the K-1 process :frowning: I’m an immigration lawyer.

Ugh yes, so you totally get it. When we applied last year the timeline was 6 months, now it’s 13.5. Thank goodness for Facetime:)