Leaving not-so-positive review

And I would never use a professional pet sitter!

@Pawtastic What would you do with your cats while you were away?

I also don’t think you are being petty, nor a moany pony.

Copy and paste your post as the Feedback! As little effort as they made turning off the lights!


I would find a solution. There are others who like to house sit, like young people, still living at home and who love to play home owners. Preferably couples, because they hardly leave the house. We’ve done this before.
For now it’s just easier to pick someone on THS.

The sitters have chosen to stay in the house, so there must be some benefit to them. In some cases, it is because they are fully nomadic and need accommodation; others want to visit the host’s location; others want a change of scenery from their own house (local sitters, maybe). Most do it for a combination of reasons, including the love of animals. Whatever the reason(s), sitters are benefitting, otherwise why would we do it? The value of that benefit can be hard to quantify - especially if the benefit is an emotional connection to animals - but there is a value to the sitters.


Well, like @Lassie points out, that’s not quite accurate. I do invite sitters because I need someone to take care of my animals. Sitters, however, do not choose to come and stay because I need them to, but because they, for what ever reason, want to stay in this location and in this house.


It’s a possibility they ran out of time, we have two dogs, which they took in turns to walk.

I guess I’ll never know!

As a sitter, I’m saying you need to leave an honest review of the state of how things were left. You seem hesitant to do so, so how about raising this stuff with the sitters first and seeing if they have an explanation?

We, as seems normal to us, in principle buy and use our own food, except for a bit of spices . We replace all items we may use, such as toilet paper, dishwasher products etc. We do a thorough house cleaning of those parts of the house we use, while there. We love up the animals. We leave usually the bed sheeting ready to put in the washing machine the day we leave. We do not pay for any use of the utilities in principle, unless an very long stay, (month or longer). We do not expect any kind of payment in return. That is a principle for us and also in the spirit of trusted house sitters. All our experiences have been an absolute delight.!!!
We enjoy thoroughly meeting the homeowners and just loving up their pets. And advise: just be kind and understanding about living and cleaning habits that we all have, (both ways). As housesitters leave the house at least as clean as you found it upon arrival, and replace any items you may have used up during your stay.
Lastly be kind and be understanding toward each other.


Thanks @bogie -that all sounds very sensible and hopefully what most people would do in a similar situation.

I actually left my review, I kept it balanced and mentioned the positive things as well as the not-so-positive. The sitter contacted me via Whatsapp to explain which I did (fully) and she left a rather crafty response to my feedback saying that we had the heating on our app (which we did but not the gas fire and the electric lights that were on constantly were controlled by them) and that usage may have been up because they stayed home to look after the dogs (my husband and I are home all the time too but still use a quarter of the electric they did). The matter is pretty much closed with them, but what I’ve learned is:

  • Beef up the responsibilities section of your listing if it’s important to you to make sure that you’re not taken advantage of
  • Make sure it’s absolutely clear in the welcome pack that you have high standards of cleaning and that you expect the same
  • Choose a sitter who might be more suited to your home environment, by that I mean someone maybe of your age and status (I realise this one is probably controversial)

I think if I follow these learnings and the guidance in this thread then I won’t need to be a moany pony in the future!


Yes, make things absolutely clear for prospective sitters. Aspects that come naturally to you might be an issue for them. If you’re on the same page, things will be a lot smoother.

Do you count the sheets?

I find this really incredible. On my most recent sit I did not see more TP so I bought a pack of toilet rolls. No big deal. And I really was not going to take the rolls that I did not use with me.

(I also left two beers, half a box of wine, and a French power strip. And I ran out of cat food, so needed to buy that. Did they thank me? No: three stars.)

@pietkuip you mean you got 3* or you gave 3*??
@bogie We never feel the need to replace TP -if there is plenty- unless its a long sit. But we would not leave the HO without any. Nor do we replace kitchen paper, or cleaning products! These should all be provided and included. The HO has no real costs to have us stay and take care of everything! To be honest I think the minimum is to provide all basic essential household supplies.
We did a sit once for a week where we were left only 1 roll of TP! And no dishwashing liquid etc (we had to buy our own) And the HO (1st timers) kept mentioning how lucky we were to be staying in their new Airbnb apartment! We had no access to the main house & they did not even invite us in for a drink. The dog stayed with us…
We don’t operate like that any more…

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My latest completed sit also ran out of cat food, then dog food. I told the owner and they ordered new food online. It was good that they took care of that, but still a bit unnecessary to ha e the sitter deal with that. It’s not so hard to calculate the right amount of food, I think

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@Lokstar They gave me three stars. Although they had said that they would consume the drinks to my health.

@pietkuip that’s hard stuff!! Did they say why they gave only 3*?

@Lokstar Yes, you can read their rant. I had not apologized (in French!) for breaking the rickety chair that they gave me to sit on. Well, I don’t remember them asking me if I had not gotten hurt.

Etc, it is a long rant.

The real reason is probably that halfway through the sit I had told her off for offensive insinuations that I might be getting old and senile. I wrote her that I was sorry to be such a disappointment and that it was fine with me if she replaced me. That shut up her intense flow of management directives. But of course: three stars.

@pietkuip - in view of the T&Cs regarding damage to property you should be grateful they didn’t charge you!
I am joking by the way :joy:

When I had crashed through that chair, they said something about this being designer chairs…

Well, they looked like antiques. That had stood in the garden, and had not been oiled for decades.

Oh well that explains it! Just put it down to experience and move on! Onwards & upwards! I think you are already doing that!:rofl: