Let's Talk about Cat Litter

Such finicky little buggers, aren’t they? :smile:

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amazing…cats’ best okoplus clumping cat litter! Fabulous amazing fantastic and I promise I don’t work for them! It’s a wood fiber and I clear the clumps and poo every couple of days. Mix it through and occasionally add an anti odor powder. I also add more of the litter every two/three week to keep the box 3/4 full. The result with two mainly indoor cats is that I fully change the litter only every 4 to 5 months. This stuff has revolutionised my life and maybe the cats too!

Hi @Marion. I feel your pain about the ‘high peeing’. My cat’s litterbox is situated within a plastic kiddie pool to catch those drips.
I don’t believe the stainless steel litterbox would be at risk of smell absorption or rust as it is often used for kitchen surfaces (counters, sinks). But, yes, expensive.

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The litter tray I use is actually a box with a lid that clips on top. This has a hole in it and the cats just pop in. We bought this after I found that the ‘high pee-er’ had made a stain on the wooden flooring…despite the other box having high sides!

@Maggie8K you should NEVER flush cat poo downa toilet. Cat poo often contains a highly resistant parasite called Toxoplasma that can infect people and animals. Many municipal water treatments do not have equipment or processes to kill it (as they’re designed for humans who don’t poop this parasite!) meaning it would pass into our waterways, posing a risk to humans and animals alike. It can even prove fatal for some wildlife.

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Agree, certainly in the US. I mentioned this also: Let's Talk about Cat Litter - #8 by Lassie

I use a flushable litter, but I don’t flush it. Legality of flushing litter seems to vary by location. I’ve been on one sit in Boston where it was flushed. The right or wrong of this is another matter.

I started using flushable litter years ago when our beloved Senior Cat came back from radiation for hyperthyroidism. We were told choices were use the flushable litter or bin the litter and have it disposed of as hazardous medical waste. I was a bit confused about how I could be flushing hazardous medical waste, but that didn’t seem an issue. I’m not saying any of this is a good thing. This is just what we were told to do.

Not my cat and the hosts were doing that already. Don’t know the legality or such where they live, abroad.