Light disabled hoping to become a house sitter

I live in Sweden and my name is Eva. I am 68 years old but young in my mind.

Because of a accident am I light disabled since 2 years and because of the accident was I forced to stop to sell kittens of Ragdoll-race and I also had a puppy.
I didn’t knew where the hurted body should lead to but today do I see that I recover and I did got a scooter to drive around in and I see some people take their dogs out and the dogs have learned to walk / run side by side with the scooter.

I am wondering if it’s any idea to pay for a membership, if no one want a disabled to house-sitting ?

Since 21 years have I worked under GOD as an ordained Pastor and I have been travel to many countries and I love to travel.

I am very technical person and work with webdesign, Graphicdesign and have my own Podcast.

Last time I worked for someone was in a Muslim home to take care of kids and their home. I am o.k with different beliefs system and am very flexible.
I am single.

Do you think I have any chance to could home-sitting ? I would love to do it in the winter. I want to stay home when it is summer because I have a garden to enjoy and keep.


Welcome Eva :wave:

Hi Eva and welcome among us. Why don’t you give it a try ? With an honest description of your capacities and limits, HO who think their assignment would be a good match may open the discussion with you.
Personally, I would first look toward the safety aspect of the sitting for the sitter and the animals,
Would THS consider reimbursing if no one accepts your offers within a year of applications ?

@eva I think perhaps starting with easier animals than dogs would be a great way to start your Petsitting journey! Many people have cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, etc which don’t require too much activity. My parents had desert tortoises and just needed someone to feed and water them and rub their shells. I don’t mean to imply that you are not capable of walking dogs, I’m sure there are those who will happily walk by your scooter, just a reminder that dogs aren’t the only option!


Hi Eva, welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from Sweden and for sharing your story. It’s wonderful that you are considering joining our community as a sitter.

Knowing our own limitations, being confident and comfortable with our ability to safely meet the needs of the pets and homes we apply to sit is what is important. Starting locally is always recommended providing there are available sits, if not you would need to consider travel, if local is not an option.

Applying for the right sit and not just a sit, for example a sitter who doesn’t hike across hill and dale wouldn’t apply to care for a dog who needs lots of exercise, instead they’d be perfect for a senior pet who is happy to just walk around the block twice a day, you know your own capabilities.

Enjoy being here in the forum, connecting with our members who are always helpful with advice and support and do feel free to direct message me with any questions you may have.

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Hi Eva, lovely that you are wanting to get into sitting with animals. Yes I would certainly keep the safety aspect in mind especially with dogs and restrict it to small dogs only. I found that out myself on a sit on which I had a lovely Border collie cross who was very boisterous. He at one point caught me off guard on a frosty winter morning and pulled me over and I fell really unluckily and ruptured my rotator cuff. Luckily it was in my own home town so I had less worry about finding help. So I would most definitely say think first of safety for you and the animals and be up front and open about your possible restrictions which HO will respect you for, then just enjoy your sits as there would most definitely be sits you can do!!!

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Hi Eva,
You can download the app before paying for membership. This allows you to browse pet sits, all owners put what the responsibilities are, so you would know if you’re capable of meeting their requirements. Hope this gives you the confidence to make the job & find furry friend happiness for the winter months.
Take care