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I am both a sitter and an owner on TH. I wanted to put the links to my posting in my profile here, to ask for feedback. I am shocked at how few applications I am receiving compared to pre-pandemic and wanted to get feedback.

I followed these instructions (link below) and after 30 minutes I give up. Why is this so complicated? To find the owner posting link (as instructed) I tried to search for sits in Oakland, covering my dates and my listing is not there at all. Sigh. So I have two questions:

  1. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Is there a way to give both the owner listing and the sitter profile in my forum profile?
  3. Why doesn’t TH just allow us to drop in a link?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @SABrenner, the link to your HO housesit is showing in your forum profile and the link works.
If I search Oakland, California, your sit does appear in the listings! So you have done it correctly!
You’ve included a lot of great info, more experienced sitters might be able to chime in with other suggestions but the one line that confused me was in the intro where you talk about your many pet sitting reviews - I had to double check that you were looking for a sitter yourself, so perhaps a slight rewording to something like “as a house sitter I have many 5 star reviews, this time I am the person seeking a house sitter!”, or something to that effect.
Best of luck, I hope you find a sitter for your lovely kitties!

Hello @SABrenner

Your owner listing is showing as linked in your forum username. I don’t have a combined membership, but if you look at Vanessa’s username you will see how she has done it. Here’s the explanation she gave previously:

I will search your listing on the website and app and will respond separately.

I will leave it for @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to give an accurate explanation as to why members are not allowed to drop in a link.

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@SABrenner I also easily found your listing, although there are many in your area so you do have to perhaps look at how to attract sitters. I would edit your headline to reflect that dates are flexible. Your first four words are not needed as they can be figured out from the thumbnail view of your listing.

If you have a standard membership, keep in mind that you can boost your listing once.

I see you often list what your home does not have. Although honesty is certainly important, I think perhaps you are comparing your home to larger ones, but that doesn’t mean that they are more attractive to all sitters. I live in a home that is probably about the same size as yours, and likely so do many other sitters. Some of our nomads live in spaces far smaller than yours when they travel. Perhaps look at rewording so that you don’t point out what you think are negatives.

I would remove “Lock up. Car break-ins are infrequent, but they do happen.” as this is the sitter’s responsibility and doesn’t need to be put as a reminder that crime happens.

When you have the updated photos posted, which you mentioned, I would remove that section so that sitters aren’t wondering which version they’re currently seeing.

HI @SABrenner I will DM you regarding why we don’t allow links on the forum …

Although there is a full explanation in our forum user guidelines

Thanks @Snowbird you’ve been incredibly helpful as usual.

@Snowbird @Von
Thank you for your helpful suggestions! I made all the adjustments you recommended. I guess boosting at some point is going to be needed. I’m also thinking of looking elsewhere. It just seems too quiet. Perhaps I am spoiled. In about 4 days since my post went live I have received 3 applications but only 1 of them is offering what I am looking for… and now she isn’t replying to my messages to set up a Zoom call. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll find someone soon. Thanks.

Hi @SABrenner I took a quick read and it looks so much nicer - a glass-half-full version. :smirk:

As you’re a new homeowner here, I’ll mention that when you decide that an applicant is definitely not suitable, please decline them, preferably with a short courtesy note. This way it gives sitters clarity/closure, but it also keeps your applicant number count low, ideally in the 0-3 range. Otherwise, some sitters are discouraged from applying once they can see you already have other applicants.

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Good thinking. I appreciate any and all advice!

I often feel bad not being able to help when not available for the whole time. I could apply if it was a shorter sit in mid September as flights from Auckland-Van can often have layovers in SFO so is one option for us.

May a lovely sitter come your way for your two kitties :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.

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