Listing numbers among countries

To day I saw on THS web site there were 298 sits in France

but when I click on the link, there are only 10…

so what ??
Is it the same for all countries ? Is the figure meaning only the amount of HO registered by country ?? Then it’s very few (due to Covid ?)

Hi Provence.

Thanks for reaching out about the numbers showing beside the areas and countries.
This number reflects the amount of owners with active accounts on the platform in that location. So there are 298 owners in France, however there are only 10 of those with active listings right now.

When you search France for housesits, you are then shown owners with active listings, i.e those with dates who are looking for a sitter.

Hope that helps.
Katie - Membership Services


Thanks, @Katie-MembershipServices I have often wondered what the numbers mean.

I would love to see the ability to sort sits by continent.

Also would love to see the UK listed like other countries - ie have each country listed separately LIKE states in other countries. For example, the United States and Australia are too large to not also include the states/territories. Like one of listings today says - Hyde Park, IL, US

NOT just Hyde Park, US - it would be great to see listings in the UK say city/country/UK .

I know a bit off-topic but this question made me think about it.

@Provence I have wondered the same question, Glad to hear the answer from Katie.


With Aus and the US being so large and states often having very similar cities, it makes it easier to list it with the state as well. You can search for UK counties in the find a housesit page, for example, if you wanted to search for sits in West Sussex, however as you said it will not show it as city/county/UK.

I will feed this back to our tech team as well as being able to search for the continent. We love hearing your suggestions and feedback in order to improve our website and your experience.

Katie - Membership Services.


Hello Katie

As our continent is small compared to North america, or even a big country such Australia or Canada, I would find easier to select “Europe” than type several european countries .

Even before Brexit THS had chosen to put UK apart…

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Dear Katie.
So if we want to know how many members are registered to THS we just add the amount of members by country ?

I’m surprised as I’ve read you were the most important web site for pet sitting.

Does it mean the number of owners is far less important than the one of sitters?

May be with Covid threat and lockdowns sitters are still registered and quite many owners unsubscribe ?

I can definitely see in my sitter profile that many of my favourites and old sits are now on Inactive. I think because it does not matter for a HO if he loses feedback. He will still get a sitter if he signs up for membership again. If necessary, he can even invite an old sitter. For a sitter, that decision is much more challenging. Without an active membership, a sitter would lose all reviews, and a sitter without reviews has a much harder time.

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Are you sure if a sitter unsubscribes that he looses all his reviews and feed backs when he comes back ??
Do you think it would be a reason not to subscribe again ?? Katie will answer us I guess.

I am sure I have seen somewhere that if a sitter unsubscribed the reviews are saved for two years…


With an IT background, I ask a little differently. Saving does not mean that it is saved for the Sitter himself and that he gets it back.
Sitter feedback for HO still remains when the Sitter leaves THS. I don’t know how long, but now and then, you can see the feedback, but you can no longer click on the Sitter.
With the information that the profiles would remain valid for two years, I think many Sitters would undoubtedly have taken a Corona break. Here in the forum there was already a discussion about the annual fee in relation to Corona. There was no reference to this possibility.

Regardless of that, it would be great for Sitter, but entrepreneurial nonsense from a business point of view.

What is an IT background ??

Reading your message, I opened THS site, looked on several ads and just noticed that clicking on the sitter feed back I could learn more about the sitter. i’m not brillant !! But "mieux vaut tard que jamais" (better late than never) . So you see, reading posts (new or older) is important.

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That means that I earn my living with I(nformation) T(echnology) (Computer and Software development and support)
Background in that context means = experience

He explains that, because of his background in chemistry, he was aware that any chemical compond can be broken down with the right solvent.

Hi Provence.
My apologies for the delay in replying.

Unfortunately due to COVID we have seen a reduction in the number of members looking to renew so have decided to take a break from TrustedHousesitters until they are ready to travel again. This has been seen on both sides from sitters and owners. However, most of our members have decided to renew in the knowledge that things will be back to normal in the future

We do keep your information for two years this includes your profile, reviews or feedback and messages with other owners. As long as your log back in with the same details and reactivate that account. Due to GDPR, we have a time limit of how long we can keep your data.

Stefan K is also correct if, for example, an owner member decides they want us to delete their information and have left you a review. You will only see ‘Former Member’ where their name should be, no details about the sit, but your star rating will still be there. This is the same for owners and their feedback. We want our members to still have their reviews/feedback even if the other member is no longer on the site.

Katie- Membership Services


Thanks, @Katie-MembershipServices. This is a piece of essential information for members who may need a break financially due to Covid. Losing everything would be very serious, especially for sitters. Excellent that there is this possibility.

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Thanks Katie
As a member with 2 ads (as a sitter and an owner) I repeat what I wrote in the past : I renew as i think the “reward” of my sbuscription was high enough, in spite of the Covid

1 only night in a nice hotel (with only 1 room) will be the price of the subscription

So you can rely on me.
Thanks again for your clear answer

Only question : when I click on sitters who have left a feed back to a sit, I can’t find them (sometimes what I read let me think they could be my future pet sitters or when I want to pet sit myself I’m curious to see what feed back they left on the owner (if I plan to apply)

Am I idiot, I don’t find them !!

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulates the possible retention period of personal data.
In short: Personal data of a person with whom one does not, or no longer, have a business relationship can no longer be stored outside the legally given retention period and must be deleted. GDPR also gives you the right to ask what is stored where and in some instances, you can also request deletion.

So you have to consider two possible cases here.

  1. The sitter does not renew and is therefore no longer an official member. Then you still see his name, but you can’t check his profile via a click anymore. But only as long as the law and GDPR rules allow it.
  2. If the law and GDPR period has expired, the data must also be deleted, so there you can see only “Former Member”.

So you have done everything right. If the name is not clickable, the member has left THS for now. At some point, the law and GDPR periods will take effect, and his name will disappear. If he comes back before, then his name is clickable again.

Is Uk still obliged to follow european rules now the Brexit is real ?

That a good question. I think it is replaced by GDPR UK.

See here under:

Does the GDPR still apply?