Listing requesting ID and running credit check?!

Definitely worth it for a sitter to ALWAYS ask and check the dates before agreeing or making travel plans. Worth it to ask the host: “Okay so you scheduled January 1st in case your delayed. But if you’re not delayed and get back the 29th, how does that work?”

IMO, THS should definitely be stepping in when owners curtail the sit because they simply change plans, especially for non-emergent reasons. And premium plans should absolutely cover accomodations when this happens to sitters.

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If a host jerked me around on dates and such and for whatever reason it was too late to push back on them (because that would be my first inclination if jerked around), then I’d make sure that my review said loud and clear what they did factually, to warn off future potential sitters, and I’d report them to THS.


Thank you for your suggestions and comments. That helped me.

I asked the house owner to change the finishing date. He answered that they asked one more day for delay and they like to visit with the house sitters too. I answered that it would be nice to ask them ahead.
With the very efficient chat, I managed to have the date changed by sending screenshots of the conversation I had with the owner by text.

All good ! Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


Sitters truly need to start behaving like their time is just as valuable if not more valuable than the home owners.

The requests we are hearing are of course a rarity.

But sitters provide a service that arguably holds a monetary value for free. Whereas the home owners simply do not.

The fact that this poor sitter felt trapped into providing this shows that THS just isn’t providing adequate preparation.

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Well done @Isabelle1 for respectfully standing your grounds on the end date.

Super happy to hear that with the chat function member services changed the date for you .

I hope that you can really enjoy your first sit now that you and the homeowner know exactly where you stand .


Terrific that you pushed back on the host. I’d suggest that you mention factually in your review that they tried to change dates on you. That’s to help other sitters make sure to discuss date specifics if they decide to pursue sits with this host and that would make it harder for such a host to pull anything on other sitters.


When my mortgage person pulled my report and saw a hard credit pull in the last few months, he said, “Lord & Taylor, really?” I said, “Hey, it was for 30% off.” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
(I had good enough credit anyway.)

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Depending on the mortgage lender, they often use ranges for credit scores. That means if your score falls into one range vs. another, you might pay a different interest rate, even if your credit score is good. That’s why lenders typically tell you to avoid credit score activity while you’re pursuing a mortgage.

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@anon42826925 you are so right

I thought THS checked the sitters references as to who they are? Or am I mistaken?

Forgive me, I’ve not read the post to which you’re referring but I think it’s an equal deal. Yes, the HO gets ‘free’ petcare, but the sitter gets a free accommodation in a location of their choice. Yes, sometimes it’s easier than others, that’s the risk. As for ‘free’ cleaning….surely the sitter cleans their mess whether they’re at home or on holiday (because, that’s essentially what it is)? If people don’t want to get free accommodation in exchange for pet sitting (or house sitting), then they don’t have to be part of it? As a HO, I’m just grateful to have a sitter live in our home and feed the cats. I don’t ask for anything more.

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People debate this endlessly here. But the fact is, a HO usually pays 100 dollars a night for someone to stay in their homes and care for their pets. A sitter is normally paid to sit. Here they receive that service at no charge.

Most sitters own our own homes and are not in need of free lodging. Those of us caring for dogs can’t leave for long enough to see much of the area we’re in other than trips to the market or perhaps something very close to where we’re staying. I’m both a HO and a sitter and the value to a HO is much greater. As a HO I’m grateful that I don’t have to incur the additional 1500 dollars in per care when I go on vacation.

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So when the Home owner acts reacts negatively in their review to the sitter above.

Where does THS support go?

Sounds like the homeowner openly and wantonly broke code of conduct, the sitter has stood up for herself and is now awaiting a negative response from the home owner.

I’m not sure, if you don’t think the service works for you and that it’s one sided, why you’re actually paying to be a member. I’ll tell you why we joined less than a year ago as HO’s; we found ourselves after 10+ years without animals with 2 cats. We took them from London and our daughters home because the mother (we assume as she lived on the streets) was an ‘unwanted’ cat who decided our daughter should be the person to help her birth her kittens. Because it’s a small flat, in London, 5 cats are too many but being responsible she asked us if we’d rehome one kitten and a mummy cat which we have. To ensure Lady’s not traumatised we joined THS rather than put them in cattery. Yes, I get that dogs are time consuming but there’s choice whether you dog or cat or anything else sit isn’t there. And you know, you can take a dog sightseeing with you. There are filters and if you don’t think it’s for you, just choose to cat or house site.

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That was not aggressive, I think.


"Yes, sometimes it’s easier than others, that’s the risk. As for ‘free’ cleaning….surely the sitter cleans their mess whether they’re at home or on holiday (because, that’s essentially what it is)? "

I think the point is that many HOs think the risk is only on their side and don’t seem to acknowledge the risks that sitters are taking which is why they feel the need to ask for ID and credit checks. The risk for the sitter is not about a sit being easier or harder or cleaning up after oneself. Sitters are going to a complete stranger’s home. I’ve had a criminal background check and ID check as is required by THS. Has the HO? No. I just have to trust them. There is risk of the pets behavior not being as described (for example aggressive dogs) or extra responsibilities being added after the sit is confirmed, or something illegal going on in the home, or a third party coming and going, or an absolutely filthy home.

The reality is sitters don’t know exactly what we are going into until we get there. It doesn’t matter how many questions we ask, if an HO deliberately withholds information, we are in for unpleasant surprises. Most hosts are absolutely wonderful, but sitters are in fact taking big risks. This concept works because both sides are willing to trust the other side. If one side isn’t willing to take the risk and trust, then THS is not for them.

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You can still apply to another sit if it’s within your official dates, you get an option to click ‘agreed with HO’ (or something like that).

Hi @MojaveForever this seems a little jarring.

THS is a high-trust environment without which the system just doesn’t work.

For me personally I would consider this a red flag of a high maintenance HO and wouldn’t email them.

Swipe left!

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As iterated by others, make sure to include these facts in the review. Future sitters should be aware.

I use THS as holiday accommodation and therefore I would have declined, and gone to a hotel/ airbnb.

What they’re doing is unacceptable.


I’m offering up my perspective as both a HO and sitter. I didn’t make any statements indicating that the service didn’t work for me. I simply noted that it was of greater benefit to the HO who saves 100/day for what is normally a paid in home care service. I own my own home and don’t work from home so I certainly don’t need lodging. The HO wanting in home care still incurs the cost of lodging whether the sitter is paid or free.

No, there isn’t a choice for me to cat sit. Unless I want to be introduced to the local emergency room.

You can’t take a dog into a museum or historical site or restaurant or concert in most places. So at best you’ve got enough time to go to the market or shop. It’s also hard to get a rental car that allows dogs though I’ve managed to a few times and have enjoyed trips to the beach with my charges.

The value of the exchange is heavily weighted to the HO in my experience. This homeowner
has acted inappropriately and does not seem to understand the nature of this exchange. It would be great if there was a more straightforward way to report listings that violate guidelines.

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