London Meet Up March 2023

Hi all, new to the community! :slight_smile:
I wondered if anyone would be interested in a London meetup in March? It would be great to share experiences about house sitting so far…
Let me know if interested and we can get something put together.
Thanks, Amy


@alashton hello and welcome to the forum. I’m sure you will find a great group of PP and sitters in the area who would be excited to meet you in March. The members here are very helpful and willing to answer most any question you may have about sitting. It’s great to see you are already experienced with sitting on other platforms and I am sure you will find the members here at TrustedHousesitters are the best!

What I would suggest now is that you link your member profile to your forum profile at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. This will give you extra exposure to other members so they can easily connect with your profile on THS site.

Good luck with getting a meetup in place in March, and make sure you send pics so we can all enjoy!

Hi @alashton. I am based in London but currently on a sit in Spain till the 8th March. Happy to arrange a meet up after this. Let me know days, times and venue etc.