LONG TERM SIT WANTED: 4.5 month sit in Seattle wanted in Spring 2022

I’m a professor who will be on sabbatical in Seattle from Feb-June 15th in Seattle. I’m looking for a long term sit, if anyone is interested. I’m quiet, super clean, communicate well, and responsible. I am also a plant lover (including orchids), and can keep your inside and outside plants in great shape as well. Please contact me or find me on TH. Happy to help.

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Hi @arskop - Just to confirm, is this for 2023? - That seems like a very long time in the future to be looking

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Hi @arskop welcome to our community forum thank you for joining, long term sits are popular with many sitters, especially in the Upper Pacific Northwest. As you will be in the area for that length of time you could also have the opportunity to apply for more than one sit and plan your stays to fit in with your time as historically there are great opportunities in the city, surrounding areas and the many Island communities.

Thank you again for joining, we look forward to sharing in your THS journey and enjoy connecting with our members from across the US and around the world.

Angela & the Team

2022 that was a typo.