Loo rolls etc

Jeez…is it too much to ask that HO’s leave at least a basic supply of toilet rolls? I am absolutely flabbergasted at the majority of HO’s tightness in this area! I’m someone who takes very little and replenishes everything (and more so). It would be really nice for someone to surprise me…

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We’re sorry you’ve had this issue. We leave at least 4-6 rolls (whatever the full pack has) to get the sitter started. For some, that’ll last their entire sit! :slight_smile:

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Might be poor planning rather than tight-fistedness.
Have you mentioned it in this or other sits?

I’ve never experienced this issue and am currently on my 32nd sit. Are you in the US?


The majority of my HO have been very generous in regards to loo paper and I’ve completed many sits both in Australia and the UK. I never leave them short of loo paper either for their return.


As I get nervous myself when there are “only” 4-5 rolls of toilet paper left, I wouldn’t dream of leaving just one or two for the sitter.
However if I left it to my husband to shop he probably would find it necessary to get new ones when using the last piece of paper :rofl: and that’s exactly why I do it.


@Düsenzofe , I’m like you. I was so traumatized by the toilet paper shortage of 2020, not only did we install a couple bidets, I am also currently stocked with about 30 extra rolls of TP. :grin:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: my husband was very resourceful in 2020, although we still had enough rolls to last us a week at home. He called for “help” in his WhatsApp Group and 10 minutes later we had two packages of 10 hanging on our front door. Then we knew who the hoarders were :rofl:

Never had this problem. In fact I’m mostly flabbergasted at the amount of stuff people have stored. There has been a few times I’ve open the bathroom cupboard and met with an avalanche of toilet rolls. Why?

@ElsieDownie , I am not at all a hoarder! I hate clutter, but I like to have extra provisions on hand. I guess I inherited some of my mother’s and grandmother’s Depression mentality!


This is pretty common with AIRBNB rentals.

Irritating, but an inexpensive fix.

I always have two toilet rolls in each of my bathrooms in my rental. That should do the average person two weeks or the unaverage 20 days. Guests get a discount for longer stays. Part of the discount is because the supplies I provide only last one to two weeks.

As long distance sailors I had to calculate how much provisions we needed for each voyage. We used 1 roll of dissolving toilet roll every 10 days. Interesting fact or what?

Not guilty of that as a HO! Toilet rolls, facial tissues, kitchen rolls, basic toiletries even though many HS use their own…I tend to calculate what we would use in the time they are staying and double it! I do like people to feel at home and be comfortable!

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That is very kind of you @Boodie !
And I should say it is the case in the majority of OH.

And as @ElsieDownie I’m often very surprised by the amount of loo rolls in people’s home ! I think if there is enough for 1 week more or less I would think it is ok to buy some more. And before HO comes back I always check !

I think I am the same kind of people as @Düsenzofe 's husband : I shall wait till the last piece to go and get some ! As French people I am used to “bidet” and find it very useful (saves lots of tree cuttings :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: and leaves you with fresh feeling !! :innocent: :innocent:)

At our present sit there is a bidet incorporated into the toilet. We are definitely getting one in our ensuite when we settle down.

Because they’ve been to Costco.