Looking for link to Sitters Guide

Hello! Could someone kindly share the to the Sitters guide please? I found the Welcome Guide for the home owner, now would like to create my Sitters guide in time for my first international sit. Thank you!

Go to your THS page, click on desktop, scroll down to “My Upcoming House Sits”.
Click on “request Welcome Guide”.

Hope that helps, if not message me.

Not sure what you mean by “Sitter’s Guide”. There’s no place on THS for a sitter to create anything like that. We just have access to the Welcome Guide created by the homeowner.

Have I misunderstood the question?

Hi @Pamela

What I am looking for is a “Sitters Guide” please, to assist the sitter with questions in the Interview with the home owner, not the Welcome Guide that’s prepared by the home owner.



Hi @Skysea,

I think this could help 10 Questions you need to ask before taking a pet sitting job

You might also find this thread helpful.

I hope this helps!

Kelly & the Forum Team


Hello @Skysea and welcome to the forum. Good to hear you have your first international house sit organised … where are you headed?

Kelly has shared some good articles with you, and I’m just going to add this post from the forum that guides you to various places within the community here and on the website, should you need to find more information in preparation for your sit.

You’ll find links to the blog and “desk pages” where there’s all sorts of information to help and guide you.

Have you been doing local sits too or is your first international sit your first ever?

Hi @Skysea

Just jumping in as I think this might be the page you are referring to -

However if not, I am sure you will find what you are looking for in the links Vanessa and Kelly have kindly shared above.

All the best

Thank you Lucy, very helpful!

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