Lost conversation

A couple (THS housesitters) come stay in my house this year. I think they haven’t renewed their membership (fair enough) but I can no longer view the exchange of messages I had with them when arranging the sit. Why is that?

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Yes, that’s unfortunately the way THS operates… They will have to renew for them to reappear.
Do you have any other contact details?

That doesn’t really answer my question, as to why?

Hi @Wavingfish
Unfortunately, there is not a way to contact them via the website, unless you have their personal details.
How the membership system is set up, is that if a members’ account goes into dormancy, all the parts of their membership shuts down, and emails, profile, etc are all part of that, hence you are unable to read prior messages.
I hope this clarifies a little clearer.
Kind regards

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That still doesn’t really explain why I can no longer see messages I have written. These are THS sitters who have stayed in my house and you are telling me I can no longer access the messages, so anything that was agreed between us, information I may have shared with them is now lost, and I can’t refer back to it. So basically if I want to keep a record of exchanges between myself and THS sitters I should print it out just in case they decide to suspend their membership.

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@Wavingfish - Going forward, in order to avoid a repeat of this scenario, you may want to move your conversations to email vs THS platform sooner rather than later. I know this doesn’t help in your current situation, merely a suggestion.

Sadly I found this out too after I had lost vital information. Also, as a sitter, I now transfer all Welcome Guide info and copy and paste all THS messages to a secure encrypted text document, so that if I am on a sit and need that important info and can’t get online for whatever reason, I still have it.

The site has also stopped working for me on rare occasions. If that happened while I was on a sit, and the app stopped working too, I would need a backup of all pet and home info.

Along these same lines, does this mean the reviews would also disappear if they leave the platform and don’t renew?

No, the reviews are there permanently

@Pets4me Here’s the website information. I’m not sure that aligns with @Itchyfeet 's answer.

I was responding to @Pets4me who I think was referring to reviews that she will have received from a member who had left.

@Wavingfish I fully understand what you are saying, and the natural frustration of it all.
I have now given this over to our product team, to look into the consideration of how to show these messages. The inbox is one of the older parts of the website, so they would have to look into reconfiguring/rewriting this. We would have no time period on this unfortunately.

With regards to the reviews/feedback, yes these do still remain if a member does not have an active membership. The name on the review/feedback will say “former member”
If a member expires just after the sit is completed, they are still able to write a review/feedback.

Thanks for taking action.
Can I make a suggestion for a possible interim measure that won’t require reconfiguring the procedure which is in place when someone leaves; add a button on the inbox page: “Email me this conversation” or “Print this conversation”. So then at least whilst the other party is an active member you have a choice to save messages.


Thank you for that suggestion, which I have sent this on to our product team as well.
Much appreciated.