Love the JRT'S

Hello all you animal lovers! My husband, Dave, and I have been with TH 3+ years and love the many travel opportunities.We are Canadian eh! Always looking for sits with JRT’s as we lost ours a few years back and we love the crazy little guys! Also looking for sits in Normandy as we have a research project to work on when we sit.


Hi @Mary-leeB welcome to our community forum great to have you join us from Canada … There are so many JRT opportunities on the site they are the third most popular dog (only by breed of course) on TrustedHousesitters. Many of us started our THS journey because we lost a dear furry family member and pet sitting helps heal the loss … it did for me after losing my Holly, she was beloved but “crazy” Springer.

Enjoy the conversations, connecting with other members and we can’t wait to share in your next THS French chapter … I’m also Canadian eh!!

Angela and the Team

@Mary-leeB lovely little dogs…see my previous posts re JRT