Malak :) Boston-NY

Hello, my name is Malak and I am a freshman at UConn studying Neuroscience. I am from Morocco and speak 4 languages fluently.
I live in Boston and usually go to NY for holidays.
I am organized, outgoing and responsible but mostly I love traveling and meeting new people all around the world.


Welcome to the forum we’re happy to have you! Morocco is one of my favorite countries I have ever visited. What part are you from? The food is amazing! What is one of your favorite dishes? I hope you’re having a great start to your freshman year, are you wanting to find housesits when you for to NY? or in Boston?

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Also, what are the four languages you speak? I am assuming, French, Arabic, English and maybe Berber?

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Nice to meet you Malek- we’re based in the UK but if you are thinking of travelling…

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Hello, thank you so much for the warm welcoming. I am from Casablanca but my parents are from the north. I love Tajine and our local tea (I miss the food so much).
You were pretty close, I am fluent in Arabic, French, English and Spanish. Still not Berber, but I can mildly understand it.
Yeah, I ma looking forward to find housesits in either Boston or NY. So excited!

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Casablanca is such a beautiful city! OMG Moroccan tea is THE best, I hear ya on missing the foods from home (I too miss the food from my hometown which is vastly different from the food where I live in San Diego.) How are you getting on with your first sitting applications? The forum and our blog both have a wealth of resources on best practices for first time sitters and how to get that all important first sit.

Hi Malak-
Very nice to meet you and welcome to Boston. If you ever want a retreat from city life, I’m about 1.5 hrs north west off Rt 2 in a rural area surrounded by state forest, and I occasionally try to get away while ensuring my Icelandic lambs are well tended after. As a neuroscience major from many years ago, I’ve been thrilled to learn that sheep social cognition research does seem to bear itself out with my little guys as they are amazing at human facial recognition. :slight_smile: It is very nice to meet you and I wish you a warm holiday season. -Emily

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