Managing Our House Sitting Lifestyles ... Temporary GP Registration

As a permanent housesitter I find one of my biggest annoyances is trying to get my medication for my asthma! When my regular GP found out I was no longer living in the area they struck me off their practice! Now I have to temporarily register with a local GP every time I need my drugs… it’s absurd.

Today I practically had to promise them my firstborn child to register with them (whereas when registering in this same location with the same GP’s 2 years ago, it took a quick visit to them and voila, 30mins later I had my prescription!).

Not only did I have to take a selfie of me with my passport proving who I was but I actually had to show them something with this HO’s address on but with my name on it! Annoyingly I had just put the recycling out and had an Amazon delivery the day before, so I didn’t have anything.

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