May 20-31-FLEXIBLE-possible car use, in New Mexico Mountains for two cats

Dates: May 20-31
Location: Placitas, New Mexico (near Albuquerque & Santa Fe)
Country: USA

Request: Beautiful mountain home about 25 minutes north of Albuquerque, 45 minutes south of Santa Fe near great hiking, mountain biking and natural beauty. Two sweet kitties who like to play outside all day and come in for food and sleep at night, pretty low maintenance. I have a beautiful guest room and full bath with double sink that is yours. There are so many beautiful day trips and wonderful parts of the southwest not far from here.

I’ve had this listing up but not getting the usual bites. We’ve had lots of lovely sitters who have really enjoyed their stay here. Please reach out if interested!

LISTING HERE: House sit for A'magine in Placitas, NM, US |

Hi @Amagine and welcome to the forum. I’ve taken a look at your listing, and am just wondering if you would consider tagging it as family friendly, given you say you can accommodate up to four people. That would open your listing up to more sitters.

Other than that, perhaps consider asking Angela to promote it on social media. I particularly like your area of the country and well remember how beautiful it is. You’re also allowing for lots of freedom of time for people to explore, which is great. If you’d like Angela to promote it on social media, you will need to direct message her. Here are some of the details and features of using that option:

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I am pretty tech savvy but I have looked all over to see how to message Angela and I don’t see a message option. If you could let me know how, I’d love to do that. Thank you!

Hi. Like most things, the forum is a learning curve for all of us. I’ll tag @Angela-CommunityManager now so that she sees our chat. However, to direct message any forum member you click on their username, and then on the message image that looks like this:

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Hi @Amagine I will Direct Message you now and thank you @Snowbird