Medical & Dental Tourism while sitting?

Hi @mars and a good suggestion… I’ve made that change. Angela is off today, otherwise I’m sure she would have answered :slight_smile:

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I live in the US and broke my arm 2 weeks ago when visiting my native Ireland. I needed surgery and it was interesting to see the different healthcare system in action.

I had travel insurance, so that should cover the costs but I’m very curious to see what the final cost will be, compared to similar surgery that I had in the US a year ago. Even if the hospital had said that my surgery could wait until I returned to the US, I would have asked for it to be done in Ireland to save money (my US medical insurance would not cover as much as my travel insurance covers).

I was in a public hospital in Ireland, and the non-surgical areas were shabbier than hospitals I have used in the US. However, the pre-op and surgery rooms were highly sophisticated, and the medical care was wonderful. Given that most people get their hospital treatment for free, I can see why some areas of the hospital were more crowded and dated than US hospitals. The Irish hospitals don’t have the money that US hospitals have, but still provided excellent care.

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