Meet up in New Zealand Jan - Feb 2023

We recently arrived in New Zealand and would love to meet any other sitters or home hosts during our stay. This is where we will be so if you happen to be anywhere near feel free to get in touch !

17 JAN – 15 FEB (NAPIER - North Island)

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I put my dates on my ‘Awfully big adventure’ page so maybe should transfer them to a Meet up post. It’s a shame kiwihousesitters hasn’t a forum

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Good to see that you’ve arrived, have a fabulous time. Look forward to reading about all your adventures down under. x


Thanks @Jo27 - we hope you are keeping well x

Constantly resembling a drowned rat these days - you’ve definitely made a good choice😀

Well it’s been pouring with rain in Picton for 3 days and nights so don’t be too jealous

Am sure you’ll see the sun long before we do though :sunny: enjoy

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Just read your listing and saved it for the future as I love East Sussex and Max looks gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Would love to have you here anytime you are ‘home’ Meanwhile enjoy your travels.

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And we met up! Twice so far :sunglasses: