Meet-up Lake Chapala area, March 20 - May 12

My husband and I have 2 sits in the Chapala area, the first until Jan 23, the second March 3 to 12. We hope to find sits between those dates, still in this area if possible.
We’re interested in meeting up, to socialize and compare notes.


@Nancy.Lorne Thank you for starting a meet up and I hope that there are some members
available in the Chapala area. Happy housesitting!

Hola Nancy,

I’m hoping to visit Lake Chapala this year. The month of March would be ideal, but I’m waiting for the green light from my hubby.


Hi @julieingle

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Once you add this other members will be able to “meet” you properly and will see what owners see when you apply for sits.

Enjoy meeting our members from around the world and we look forward to sharing in you new THS adventure

I hope you manage to connect with this meetup.

Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.

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Hi Nancy. We’ll be in Ajijic Feb. 22 to March 10. a meetup would be fun. How do we sign up? Annie & Tom

Hi AnnieNai. Once you arrive in Ajijic, I’d love to hear your experience/tips, etc. I’ll be arriving there on March 17th for a 10 day sit. Too bad we won’t be able to meet.

Hi! I’ll be dog sitting in Ajijic for the first time. How was your sit near Lake Chapala? Any tips would be very much appreciated! Thanks. :smiley:

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Hi Nancy. We’ll be in Ajijic Feb. 22 to March 10. a meetup would be fun. How do we sign up? Annie & Tom

Hi Annie & Tom, We’re in Patzcuaro till Feb 13. Then central Chapala 14 - 16, then a sit Feb and 17 - 24 in Tlachichilco which is east of Chapala a few towns. We’ll have the use of a car, so can meet up in Chapala.

Nancy & Lorne

Then we figure out a time & place to meet. I don’t know if we’re allowed to share contact info on the forum. N.

Hi @Nancy.Lorne it’s great to see members connecting. Use the Direct Message option to exchange contact details and continue a one to one conversation. When (and if) you do get together please share a pic with our community, we love putting faces to names, especially forum user names :wink:

Could you Direct Message me? I’m not sure how to do that :confused:

Hi all. I posted this on a different thread, but realized it may help people on this thread as well, so reposting here since it is about Ajijic.

There’s a great trail system there. There’s no actual maps and the trail apps don’t work great. If you’re interested in hiking there is an Ajijic Facebook hiking group they post group hikes twice a week for various levels. I went a few times to get to know the trail system and then felt quite comfortable on my own. There is a lot of loose gravel on the trails, so hiking poles are nice to have.

There’s a nice local market for produce, prepared foods, and things like that in town on Wednesdays off the Main Street in between the street where all the horses are kept (I think it is Revolucion.) There’s also a really nice organic market on Saturdays a bit out of town that I highly recommend.

Teocintle Maiz has great food. Baja Norte was great for cheap fish tacos. They were moving locations when I was there so I’m not entirely sure where they are at the moment. If you have a car, Panchos is the high end grocery store for harder to find healthier foods. They also have a café and a bakery upstairs and often folks are there selling art and playing music.

If you have a way to do a day trip to Tlaquepaque it is a fun visit.

Buen viaje!

@Nancy.Lorne I can help you with that. If you click on the name of who you would like to direct message, a pop-up will open and there will be a green message box. Click there and you can type a private message.

Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 11.17.14
It looks like this once you click on someone’s name (I did yours to show you what it looks like).
If you need more help just let me know.
Best wishes Carla

Your dates, Feb 22 to March 10 coincide with our dates in the Chapala area. You can DM us once you’ve ready to meet up. Nancy & Lorne

Hi @AnnieNai and @Nancy.Lorne. I just wanted to check back. Were you able to meet? If so, we’d love to see pictures if you took any.

We are on a sit March 20-May 12 if anyone is still around.

Thanks for the tips @freebird.

Hi @steplinn. Welcome back! We missed you. Thanks for reaching out to see if anyone will be in the area and interested in a meetup. It’s always such fun meeting other sitters and pet parents. I’ve updated the title of this topic to reflect your dates. Hopefully that will help it catch the eyes of others who will be in the Lake Chapala area this spring.

Again, welcome back.

Hi Karen. No, last I heard Nancy was going to get back to me after she talked with the other interested party. We’re leaving this sit and moving on tomorrow. Thanks for checking in. Annie

No meetup. We leave on 14th.