Meetup? Algarve Portugal 22-25 Dec

@botvot and @lifephasenext will be in Faro and Lagos respectively between 22-25 Dec and would like to meet up. Anyone else in the vicinity over these days?

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Hi @botvot
Damn! Looks like I’ll just miss you guys! I’m doing a sit from the 15th to the 22nd in Pera.I fly home early 22nd. :slightly_frowning_face:

@richten1 hang tight! I will be visiting Portimao that weekend, so we can definitely meet up for a coffee, maybe even at the airport if needs must!

@botvot would love to meet up. My flight is at 10am on the 22nd. But flexible around that! Let me know your thoughts. Thanks :sunglasses:

@richten1 I realise you’re traveling to your new sit soon. It will probably take a few days to settle in and get to know the pets’ routine. So I thought I would give two options for a meetup. No need to decide yet, the day before is fine too! I’m just putting it out there, in case anyone else can join us:

-Sunday morning, 18 Dec around 10am, happy to come your way (Pera or elsewhere)
-Thursday morning, 22 Dec at 8am at Faro airport

Hi @botvot. Sounds great. Let me come back to you later to firm up the day. Thanks