Meetup - Anyone in Geneva for summer 2022?

Hi all,

Will anyone be in and around Geneva, Switzerland this summer as I am housesitting and would love to get together?

Looking forward to meeting.



Hello @italia and thank you for posting your meetup request. We are seeing many more members of our community keen to get together and hope this is something that will happen more and more! Really hope you get some people to come say hello.

A couple of things that might help:

  • why not add a link to your profile here in the forum and a little description about yourself in preferences? We are an inquisitive lot and love to know more about each other… if people can click on your link it will give them a little more insight into the person they are connecting with :slight_smile:

  • We have several threads that are gaining traction now where people also post their available dates for meetups. You can also add your request here : Meetup Opportunities - Europe

  • add a “from and to date” to your posts

If you need any help with any of this just ask!

All the best

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Great tip! The link is now in my forum profile and I will be there from July 17 to August 13.

Hope to meet some folks.

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I’m told I can’t add a link. How would someone see my profile?

Hi @italia I’m stepping in to answer as Vanessa is offline today, you have successfully added your profile link to your Forum profile which is how other members can “meet” you … they simply open the link which takes them to your TrustedHousesitters profile .

Hi Italia,

I’m not in Geneva but I’ll be at home in Montreux, which is at the opposite end of Lac Léman, for a couple of days at the beginning of August. I’ll send you a DM to see if we can work out a time to get together. It would be nice to meet you! :grinning:

In case your hosts haven’t mentioned it yet, August 1 is Swiss National Day. Here’s a link for the schedule of festivities in Geneva.

Hi @italia and thanks Angela for stepping in. I moved your link to the correct place in the forum profile. I think you were messaged about it being in the post where it’s not permitted. It’s a bit confusing so don’'t worry… but all is good and your link is where it’s meant to be :slight_smile: Have a lovely time in Geneva when you get there!