Meetup? Are you in or near Marbella Spain? Until Jan 7th 2023

Hi folks. i am gonna be in Marbella until 7th. Jan so thinking if any one else is around here. I am not in the Center but about 19 min bus ride towards Gibraltar,in Guadalmina.
I have a car and would love to meet. And if you don´t have a car we could meet and go for a ride somewhere. This is a lovely area. Nice ot go for a day trip to Gibraltar or to Rhonda to name some places. We could also meet for lunch,dinner or drinks.
Please feel free to contact me.

We hope to be around that area too in January, so will definitely check back in with you. It would be great to meet up…

I am there until 7th. Jan

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Hi @Bravo1239 this is just what I love…members connecting with other members! What a great community we have here and so many of us love the chance to meet new friends while doing what we love doing…caring for those beautiful furbabies we have been entrusted with!

I do so hope you find someone in the area you can meet up with. I did not know anything about that area until I was watching a youtube video this weekend about that very area. It looks absolutely amazing. Hope to get there someday!

I have to be honest I just love this area. This is where I had my first sit,right here in this house. Done sit for them I think 3 times since then. And Marbella old town and the beach are there are just so great area to wonder around in. I sure hope I find some one to meet up with.

Did you get my info ??

Hi @Bravo1239
Yes! Thanks, I’ll send you a whatsapp now to test.

Hubby and I will be in Seville for a month starting 23 Dec. We’re not sure yet whether we’ll rent a car while there, but if either of you are in the Seville area we’d love to meet.

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Unfortunatly I will not