Meetup In Salem, MA USA - March 6th - April 2nd

Anyone in the Salem, MA area? If so, perhaps get together for a tea, coffee, whatever and share stories?


Hello @susanl1 and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I really hope you manage to arrange a meet up with others in the area, I wish we could make it! I just love Salem and I really have a thing for Jaho coffee!! It’s just sooo good! :smiley:

Thank you! I am in Salem about 3 times each year, so am familiar with Jaho. A great spot! Like you, I really enjoy Salem, so am happy to return to care for one of my favorite kitties.

I have a sitter during those dates coming to NH and I made a day trip to salem MA one of the suggested itineraries!

Is there an email or phone # I can pass on to her if she is interested?
You can DM me.
I do not think she is very tech oriented and may not be on the forum.

Hello -
Not sure if I’ve missed this or not, but I am interested. I live in Southie/Boston and would love to meet up with other pet owners who get sitters through this site, and sitters as well. I’ve had about 9 sitters come to stay with my Bootsie, and now looking for my first sit.

Hello, @Nan4canada I will tag @susanl1 so they get notified and you can also send a direct message by clicking on the member’s user name and clicking on the green message box. I hope that you all manage to meet up!

Hi Nancy, it would be great to meet! Are you thinking you’d like to visit Salem, or would you be more interested in meeting somewhere between S. Boston and Salem? Next week (week of the 19th) would be good.

Thanks for reaching out. Susan