Meetup no. 2 in New Zealand Nov-Mar 2023

Following post from @Colin here are my slightly revised sits. Please do get in touch for a meet up if you’re in the area whether you’re a sitter or home owner. I coincide with @Colin over Christmas/New Year

Nelson: 25 Nov - 3 Dec 2022
Picton: 5-11 December 2022
Rangiora (suburb of Christchurch)19 Dec - 12 January 2023 (I’m looking forward to meeting up with @Colin who will be nearby)
Brockville, near Dunedin: 2-18 February 2023
Wanaka: 5-13 March 2023


@Smiley - if you have a chance - there are 3 bird sanctuaries on the Otago peninsula across the bay from Dunedin.
Royal Albatross Center at the very tip of the peninsula. At sunset every day, the little blue penguins come ashore very near the albatross center.
And on the east side of the peninsula there is a nesting ground/colony of larger penguins. So you can spend the day on Otago.


Thank you @toml that’s great info. I’ll definitely visit those, I love penguins :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Well, our futures are getting closer to a meet up. But not quite yet. Bonnie and I will be on the S. Island in Feb. and while our itinerary is not set yet. Will be in Auck Jan 6 to 9, then up to Russell until about the 12th and then begin to work our way down to the Napier area…But I do plan on meeting some folks in Wanaka around Feb 6, and stay in the area for a bit… stay in touch and hope we can cruise on by for a chat!

I’m no longer doing the Wanaka sit but definitely keep in touch as I’ll like have a hire car. I’ll message you with my mobile no.
Good luck with your travels

Any sit to replace Wanaka yet @Smiley? Kiwis on THS aren’t advertising too far in advance I notice - bit like many of the Aussies!! Better choice on the other sites.

No not yet