Meetup Whidbey Island, Washington Oct 27-Nov 1

Try another - I’ll be in Clinton on Whidbey Island, Washington Oct 27-Nov 1 and will have a car so can travel a bit - but on the island, I think. Don’t really want to take the car on the ferry.
Anyone else around?
Meeting tomorrow with Joanne and Roger on Vancouver Island - found a dog friendly spot midway between our sits.

I live in N. Seattle but will be away. You could walk onto the ferry to Mukilteo, should anyone be able to meet you there. There are a few restaurants and cafes within walking distance. Enjoy! It’s a lovely island.

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Hello from a fellow sitter on the San Juans. Would love to try to meet up, but in a similar situation in that I don’t feel comfortable taking the owner’s car off the island. Guessing from your description you’re headed to watch Buddy, he and his people are the best!

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Yes, sitting with Buddy. Will be my 5th island sit. Jeju Korea as covid was starting, Naples (Long Beach) which was just walking over a bridge, Friday Harbor on San Juan Island last fall, and currently North Saanich on Vancouver.
I had a great time on San Juan - the house was walking distance to FH, but allowed to use the car to explore the island. Took the ferry out, but flew the Kenmore Air flight back - sat right behind the pilot looking over her shoulder. Pretty neat.
Take care.