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A Direct Message @Romana

Thanks once again for all your replies. On a last note, I would not only welcome and buy adjustable business cards from THS, but also T-shirts, jackets, shopping bags and car stickers with the logo - if such merchandise was available in a dedicated THS online shop. Perhaps also some dog and cat toys, to leave as presents for the homeowners. But that’s just me.

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Okay, thanks for the link to your online store. I forgot that it even existed, probably right after looking into it for the first time.

Quite honestly, I can’t see myself paying £17 for a shopping bag with your logo, or wearing a tight-necked T-Shirt for £15 which is available only in White and costs £3 without the logo in any local discounter.

Okay, I might order a sticker for £2 to add to the sticker collection on the back door of my mobile home, but I don’t expect an overwhelming response.

Some decades ago, in the 2000s, I used to run an online shop for a “closed community” myself. I only had a few hundreds of clients, but I had an average of 300 items on offer and continuously added new ones and sent out group emails to all my customers or prospective customers once a month. My items included not only accessories specifically designed for this clientele but also books worth reading or ebooks worth listening to, maps and links to language courses etc., considering my clients’ common interests.

It would be great to see someone taking on a similar task with improving or replacing your - at the moment, sadly - very poorly equipped and unattractive, current online store.

Hi @Romana I’ll just mention that I am not a member of staff (as in ‘your store’), but rather am a THS member, as a sitter. You may have seen me shown at times as a forum moderator, but solely in a volunteer capacity. However, my reply to you here was not in that capacity. I just added the link in response to your post. However, staff members do read the forum and so no doubt will see your feedback.

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Understood. I hope some staff member will pick it up and pass it on to the company board.
As I said, the only item worthwhile for me would be the sticker for my motorhome, but if the shipping cost for a simple letter envelope are unreasonable, I’ll let even that one go. Shipping cost £2.99 for a £2.00 item within the same township… no, thanks.