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Hello everyone,

I have been housesitting mainly in London since last year and would love to meet other housesitters also living in London as their permanent base or sitters travelling to London from other parts of the world. It is hard for friends and acquaintances to understand this way of living so would be lovely to meet sitters with same interests face-to-face if possible.

Best wishes,


Hi Marta,

I hope you’re well.

That sounds like a great idea. Perhaps we could organise a meet up. I’m based in London as well and I have a combined account :blush:



Hi Emanuela,

I am well, thaks! How are you?

Thanks for responding to my initiative. It is nice to e-meet you. Organising a meet up meeting sounds a great idea and fantastic if you have a combined account. How can I help you to do this?



I’m not based in London but will be there from June 12-17 before heading off to do three sits in the UK. Perhaps we could get a group together.

Hi Emanuela,

I am still familiarising with the webiste. How do you create a meet up group, can you advise? There is another post from Edith in the thread and she will be in London from the 12th - 17th, would you be able to meet any of these days? I am not sure how many people are interested in joining.


Hi Edith,

I asked for advise to Emanuela to create a meet up group but if there are not many people interested I would happy to meet up with you.


Hello @martacs75 and welcome to the forum. Given you’ve said you’re not yet familiar with the site, I’ll just mention that you can direct message people (one or more) so that you can discuss things privately, rather than publicly.

To do so you just click on the person’s username and then click on the green envelope image. If you want to have more than one person in that chat, you click on the plus (+) sign and search/add the next name(s).

If you do meet, please remember to take a photo and add it to our meetup gallery. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Marta,

Apologies as I’ve been busy with work and I have my family over from Italy therefore i could’t be more active on here.

Perhaps we could chose a date that suits most of us. Create a topic on here with the date and see how many people are interested ?

Thank you !


Great idea. I would be interested and I sit in the London area quite often.

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Hi all @martacs75 @Emanuela @Edith @Wildcolonialgirl and lovely to see you all using the Meetup Category for it’s intended purpose … to make physical connections while travelling, house sitting or even as owners who enjoy hosting fellow members as they pass through their town or city.

We have several topics in this meetup category but currently they are more widespread … UK, Europe, USA etc… but as these expand out and interest increases, we can create topics for specific cities.

It seems that LONDON is ready!!

I will add a header to this topic and you can then use this specifically to arrange meetups in the London area (including the suburbs) ongoing. And as @Snowbird says, don’t forget to post pix of your meetups in our Meetup Gallery post.

Note: We do advise for the intricate detail and particularly for emails/Whatsapp/Phone Numbers/Addresses you go off the public forum and use Direct Messages to make these arrangements and share contact details. If any are posted here, we will remove them out of caution.

All the best, Vanessa and the forum team


I’m back in the US now but will be sitting in ‘greater’ London again 23 July-13 Aug (Hayes/Kent) and 19 Aug-11 Sept (Putney) and would be happy to join a meetup!


Thanks, Vanessa.

Have added a header photo to this thread now and look forward to seeing the first London meetup posted soon!!

Hello hello…
32 days left in England :frowning:
Will be in the London area (Beckenham and Bromley)
29 June - 12 July
21- 27 July

What are we doing, where and with who?
Feel free to DM

@Amparo I will be in Barnes SW London end of July …


Ooh ooh ooh details Dm :sparkling_heart:
I have to be at Heathrow on the 28th :laughing:

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Will DM you …

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Adding myself to the possible meetup planning.

London July 8-16
London July 26-August 7
Rochester August 13-27
Soberton (Hampshire) August 28-September 23 (Will have car)

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We arrive for our London area sits on Friday….

Sevenoaks, Kent - July 8-12
Clapham, South London - July 15-Aug 7
Haslemere, Surrey - Aug 10-31


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