Membership Advice please

Hi, new to the group and looking for some advise please.
we are going away in August for 3 weeks and need a sitter for two cocker spaniels, we are based near Chelmsford, Essex.
What happens if we pay the £90 fee and can’t get a sitter, do they refund you?
Regards Andy

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Hi @Andyk and welcome to the forum. I did a search on the website in the help section, using the word ‘refund’. Here’s what I found:

What’s the money back guarantee?

Note that the money back guarantee applies for Standard and Premium memberships.

Can I get a refund?

Note that this second one has links with more information, including Terms & Conditions.

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Hi @Andyk and thank you @Snowbird welcome to our community forum I am going to tag @Lucy-Moderator and @Therese-Moderator who are our Membership Services forum support who can help you with this if it’s not clear from the info @Snowbird has posted, they will connect with you when they are back online.

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