Meowing cat in Seattle

Some street cats can adapt to being indoor cats but they need lots of stimulation especially going into a relatively small space. The space may work ok for the cats if the HO was willing to catify her home by giving the cats a high up run in the apartment. Cats tend to feel safe when higher up and will rire themselves out.

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That would be a red flag for me. Plenty of cats in need of homes in the US…

How long is this sit? I see now, a few days. I’d get a hotel room or Airbnb for the sleep, and just come over to feed them. She should have done that–paid for visits. But of course, that is expensive in Seattle IF you can even find someone.

Good idea for a hotel or Airbnb. Even if just for the last night before your trip to Greenland

I find this thread disturbing. How is it that the OP member is sleeping in a tent, having their health compromised (sleep deprivation is mentally and physically harmful), having their work/employment compromised, and their upcoming plans taking a potential hit? And THS is only concerned about indoor cats, who survived the streets of Bali, not being left? No concern for the members safety, health or employment. And why is there an expectation that the OP will pay for an Airbnb/hotel out of their pocket and still take care of the HO’s pets for free? That’s no longer an exchange; it’s free labor.


@lou28 Thank you for sharing your concerns about this situation, it does seem like this needs to be looked into further.

@Soultreader I am keen to pass this back to Membership Services to see if they can support you further with this. I don’t have your registered THS email address, please feel free to DM me so I can pass this on for you. In the meantime take care of yourself as this sounds like an uncomfortable and unsettling experience.

As a side note, my husband lived in Bali for a few years and adopted a few stray cats who came by his villa. After lots of deliberations, we decided not the bring them back to the USA as they were so used to living in open-plan accommodation with access to the outside (the usual lifestyle there). We knew it would be unfair on them. They are super active and vocal cats, who now live in a yoga retreat getting spoilt by the guests, but still being able to spend their time as inside/outside cats. There is no judgment for the owner rescuing them, we nearly brought them home too! Just to say that this sounds like a unique situation where you have done your best. :hugs:


Hi Carla, I have just left the Sit. I think I have PTSD. One of the cats escaped this morning and so I had to stay there all day to wait for the cat to come back because you’re not allowed to leave the apartment if the cats aren’t there.

She called me when she arrived back in Seattle and was on an Uber back asking me why I was still there. Because she didn’t want me there when I returned. It was just so horrible. I’m I’m actually feeling quite sick. I’m at the airport and I’m it’s just one of the most horrible horrible horrible experiences of my life.

I’ve had a barrage of text messages from her. I timed it so I left five minutes before her. Uber got back to the house. I am 100% sure a lot the door but apparently according to her I didn’t. I had the key where she asked me to.

Since then there have been messages about had I ever cleaned the bench. Holes in the fly screens. Plus the fact that her cat still hasn’t come home.

There are 10 missed messages from her and quite frankly I really don’t want to read them. I’m at the airport now to go on a 10 day hike overseas and I’m really actually feeling rather ill. I’ve had hardly any sleep whatsoever, and to be treated so poorly has raised my anxiety, through the roof. She has just told me that she is going to make a complaint about me. I’m just astounded. I have 15 five star reviews.

Please pass to THC I will be calling THS as well. Please tell me what else I can do. I cannot imagine the horrible review this woman is going to leave for me. And I did the absolute best that I could under the circumstances. On two days when the cat, disappeared for the day and you’re not allowed to leave., I couldn’t even leave to go to the shop to get food. This Sit has been The worst nightmare. :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


It was the most horrible experience of my life. As I knew that this would end up in a bad situation, I made absolutely sure that the Unit was spotless before I left as always. I scrub the toilet bath shower and basin, cleaned the kitchen, washed her sheets put fresh sheets on, vacuumed. ( there was no floor mop) And all I’ve got is complaints since she’s been back. Absolutely horrible. She messaged me from the airport telling me she didn’t want me there when she got home because she’s just had a 29 hour flight. I’ve got all of this in writing, but it was just absolutely horrible

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@Soultreader you may need the messages as evidence, even if you aren’t ready to read them yet. Make sure you raise a member dispute (use those words) if you have not already done so. I’m so sorry you’ve had this awful experience. I really hope you can manage to switch off and put it behind you once you are many miles away.


Hello @Soultreader

Thank you for getting back to me. I am sorry to hear that the situation deteriorated further. I’m glad that the sit is over and hope you can get some time to regroup and recuperate!

I can see that you have started another topic Harassing Owner - #26 by Silversitters about what happened after the sit and are getting some helpful and supportive advice there.

Please continue to deal with Membership Services so they can best advise and assist you. I hope things get resolved for you soon!

Best wishes Carla :hugs: